November 7, 2011 Haiti

Attached is the latest newsletter…Enjoy!

November 2011

Dear Family,

As the season changes, we see even more new converts in the church!  They are excited to experience the power of God in their lives, bringing them into a deeper spiritual level with Him, their new Source of everything! 

Milend, a 21-year old woman, came to the service Sunday morning and was powerfully touched by the presence of God.  She gave her heart to Jesus and came to the New Believers class on Sunday night.  After the class, she told Pastor Terry she wouldn’t go home unless someone would go to her house with her to get rid of all her voodoo stuff, so we went, along with some of our leaders. 

When we began to pray for her, it was very apparent that the voodoo things were attachments in her life, so we immediately burned all the artifacts and prayed through her home.  As we prayed, demons threw her to the ground and her head literally bounced off the corner of a cement block.  When she got up, there was no bump, no blood and she was completely free from all demonic influence in her life.  Today, she comes to church with many from her neighborhood who are hearing the Gospel and seeing the power of God for the first time in their lives! 

Every week, many are transformed by the power of the Gospel, not only to save, but also to deliver from all bondage.  Some pastors in our area are now coming to our mid-week services, hearing what God is doing and hungering to see how they can experience that in their neighborhoods.  In our services, they are being taught by demonstration and their theology is being put to the test whether it is of God or men!  God is constantly opening new doors in our community to show Himself strong!

The church is taking on a new image as we prepare the people’s hearts and minds for a new Haiti!  The mindset is changing, gradually, that God is their Source and they must believe for the bigger things to come from God, and not from us.

Changes in government are coming to our city of Carrefour.  New mayors will be elected in the near future.  Pray for a righteous man to take his place in our city so we can continue to see God move here.  In the past, fighting government has been our #1 problem to progress because of greed and corruption.  The Mayor now in place is known as someone who has not misused his power, money or authority.  We have been able to progress with him in charge, and he has given us the key to the City!  We need this favor to continue to rebuild, so we can do what is right without wasting time fighting City Hall. 

In the national government, the old parliament is still in control, so even the new Prime Minister cannot do much because of the old regime in charge.  What we do, however, does not involve this government, but rather private funding for ministry among the people.  We want to be an example to the country of what Christians can produce, using Kingdom principles. 

We are meeting with engineers and architects, planning for a total re-make of Carrefour, including our church, housing, businesses and the mountain community. We are trusting God for great things and miracles to take place, both in finances and personnel, to get the job done with excellence.  Drawings will be completed this month so our people can see what is about to happen.  We believe 2012 to be the year we see our work of these nearly 30 years come to fruition! 

Christmas is just around the corner.  We are planning our Christmas outreach programs at the church.  We will continue to feed the hungry and those still displaced by the earthquake.  We still have over one million people living in tents in our City.  Many children still have not been able to return to school, so we will focus on school scholarships (up to $800 USD per student per year – entrance fee, books, uniforms, tuition, programs – very expensive for those who have nothing). 

Please consider an extra gift this season for food or schooling and mark it accordingly.  Thank you for your involvement in the past, which allowed us to reach many families who otherwise would have died.  

We are so grateful for your continued support of Light Ministries.  Expenses have increased and costs have nearly doubled again.  Without your continued monthly support, we would be forced to close our doors and leave Haiti.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

From the frontlines,

Terry and Cary 

P.S.  Invasion’s influence continues to grow every day.  Through YouTube, today we are on every continent, in 99 countries of the world and in every state in the U.S.  City on our Knees is now over 10,000 views and continues to climb in numbers throughout each day.   We’re getting ready to travel with them…  That will be an eye-opener!

If you haven’t seen these videos, here are the links:

City on our Knees

Break Open the Sky

Something Bigger

Beauty will Rise

October 25, 2011 Haiti

Update October 25, 2011

We have been really busy with Kingdom business and God is doing incredible things!  I wanted to write a quick note to let you know there is another Invasion dance on YouTube, Mary Mary’s Something Bigger!  Pay attention to the message… There are already over 180 views and we haven’t even let anyone know.  This is a little more typical of their high-energy performances! 

You must remember that these guys don’t practice in front of a mirror to see what they are doing and, most of the time, they dance on ground that is not even level! They work together on choreography and every production is an “original”.  We are proud of them. Enjoy! 

Besides more dances by Invasion, you will soon see YouTube uploads with our drama team, Illumination, as well as LIGHTSounds, our worship team, interpretive dance teams and children’s ministry teams originating from Church of Light in Carrefour.

Here is the latest link:


October 1, 2011 Haiti

Attached is our latest newsletter… God is still on the throne!


October 2011

Dear Family,

God has made so many wonderful promises to us and has confirmed in His Word over and over again His plan for our individual lives and for a new Haiti.  Even though many today are in a difficult season of change, we still expect great things ahead! 

We have been so encouraged by Numbers 23:19, “God is not a man, that He should lie, nor a son of man, that He should change His mind.  Does He speak and then not act?  Does He promise and not fulfill?”  We continue to stand on His Word, which reveals His character! 

Most of the world is going through financial crisis and great uncertainty.  We must remember we are not of this world!  We are just ‘passing through’ and must keep our eyes on the prize…HIM!  No matter how hard things get, if we focus on Him, we will see the fulfillment of His promises to us. 

The past months have been difficult for us as well.  Many of our supporters have lost jobs and churches have lost much income, so we feel it too!  Even though our income has dwindled, we still have issues to face:  We have desperate people, hungry people, people still living in tents during this hurricane season, and many unfinished projects.  We have a large church, but most of our members are without work, so to maintain what has been already set in motion is really challenging.

It is during these times of financial stress, we cling to God’s Word.  We continue to focus on Him, our Source of supply!  We know that without a vision, the people perish.  Without purpose, there is no destiny.  We always tell our people that, when we have nothing, this is the time to dream, so when blessing comes, we are ready with a plan.  Needless to say, we are constantly dreaming! 

We believe with you today that God is about to give you a breakthrough in your life!  We pronounce blessing over your finances, your health and your family!  We must focus on the day when we stand before our Father and hear Him say, “Well done, My good and faithful servant.”

We must constantly pray, listen, and then act on what He tells us to do, even if we don’t understand it with our minds.  We must learn to trust the Holy Spirit in these days so we do not succumb to the pressures those around us are experiencing. 

Keep the faith.  Seek HIM first.  Let’s be willing and obedient and together, we WILL eat the good of the land! Get ready for the greatest outpouring of blessing, revival and a harvest of souls ever known.  We cannot afford to grow weary in well doing, for in due season, we WILL reap if we don’t faint.

Church of Light in Carrefour is continuing to grow in maturity and getting equipped to advance.  Every week, people are born again, encouraged and delivered by the power of God.  We thank God for a strong praying church that hungers for more of Him! 

Our three Bible School students, Olrich, Rodolpho and Sherly, returned to us from Singapore.  After graduating from their 6-month intensive Bible training, they returned and immediately stepped in to lift our arms.  They are preaching, leading worship and working with outreach programs with a new intensity and a new level of discipline, order and respect.  They are complementing what we have preached for many years!  The greatest thing is that the Haitians are receiving from other Haitians!

Invasion is preparing for an outreach trip to the Dominican Republic this month.  God has sent these young men all over the world through YouTube.  They have now been viewed on every continent, in 90 countries (45% of the world).  We marked a large world map with each country represented.  Whenever they see a new country on the list, they run to the map to see where they went!  They pray over the world that the people who see them will open their hearts to the truth of the Gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit. 

When we started Invasion, most of these guys didn’t even know where Haiti was on the map!  They are now studying geography in a most delightful way!  Invasion will be adding several new songs in the weeks to come.  Watch for them on YouTube.

We are looking forward to growing this fall.  Businesses are moving to Haiti to work with us and many of our people will have jobs with these companies.  This will bring more tithes into the church to support the church, so we can work on rebuilding our city.  We are excited about this because Haitians must SEE changes; they cannot envision what doesn’t exist.

We finally have a new Prime Minister and hopefully, many positive changes can be seen shortly.  Pray for President Martelly.  He is a man who needs to know God and operate in His wisdom to lead a country without order or vision.

Let’s continue to fight the good fight of faith.  We believe with all of our hearts that victory is just around the corner for you, for us.  Don’t let go!

From the frontlines,

Terry and Cary

P.S.  Many obstacles have prevented us from sending daily updates. Because of recent computer changes, several email addresses have been lost or returned undeliverable.  If you are not receiving Cary’s updates, please notify us at with your email address and ask to be added to the update list. 

August 26, 2011 Update

Update August 26, 2011


Haiti was spared by Hurricane Irene!  We had only a bit of rain and light wind with no damage in our area.  God is good!  It’s great to know Him as our Protector!


Progress is moving slowly.  Throughout the world, people’s purse strings are tightened and many feel the pressure of their own financial needs, so we, too, are stretched beyond belief.  Many Haitians are suffering because those they have depended upon overseas have lost jobs; yet, we continue to dream and plan for a brighter day as God has promised!


President Martelly is struggling to move ahead because the Parliament and the Prime Minister are from the old regime.  They refuse to cooperate with his plans for a new government that is transparent and able to serve the people.  The old government still has the mindset of seeing what is in it for them and how they can continue with their old ways!   Pray for God’s choice Prime Minister.  Until he is in place, it seems former Presidents Aristide and Preval are still trying to undo any progress.


Since Aristide returned, voodoo has come to the forefront again.  Even young believers not grounded in the things of God are turning back to voodoo.  It’s really sad!  We are fighting against the gates of hell to root out the enemy so Jesus can really be Lord over Haiti by the power of His Spirit.


Please continue to pray for us that we will always be on the frontlines, encouraging our people to reach their destiny in Christ. 


This week, Rodolpho, Sherly and Olrich will return to Haiti to help lift our hands!  They are returning from Bible School with hearts full of faith, and expecting change in their people as they carry the Light of God’s Word back from SingaporePray for them and for our people to receive the vibrant life they now have to offer. 


Pray for continued safety during this hurricane season.  God is on the throne!  Only HE knows if we could handle another catastrophe at this time…





August 15, 2011

Update August 15, 2011

Invasion reached Czech Republic yesterday!  If you know people anywhere who have not viewed these videos, please share the links:

City on our Knees

Break Open the Sky

Beauty will Rise

Wherever we go, we must affect our world.  Sometimes we don’t know whose lives we have touched until years later.  We must live for God no matter where we are, extending our hearts and hands and prayers to those we meet.

While in Orlando, we received a letter of thanks from Mary Anne, a massage therapist whom we met several years ago.  At that time, she was starting her business in a new location and asked us to come and pray that God would use her as she did massages.

We laid hands on her massage table and prayed that the presence of God would permeate her place of business and that many would be healed as they received massage.

She recently moved again, and said, “I could tell you story after story of His lovingkindness and faithfulness…” at that place of business. Here is an excerpt from her letter.  Enjoy!

Before leaving the place where you anointed for healing, God healed a man of Alzheimer’s Disease in one hour.  Another man was healed of Spinal Stenosis.  God gave a colon cancer client a brand new lining of her colon with no scars from surgery.  This happened on the massage table when she forgave and we prayed.  She came back to tell me her scar tissue was gone and all new pink skin. 

We have the Greater One living on the inside of us…  Wherever we go, we take His presence, His power and His anointing!


August 9, 2011 Haiti

Update August 9, 2011

Just a quick note to say ‘Thank You’ for sharing the links for InvasionI just checked and we are now in 69 countries!  We just added Senegal, Paraguay, Thailand, and Poland!  We also picked up West Virginia so we are now in 42 States in the USA… just 8 more to go:  Alaska, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Rhode Island, and Vermont

If you know people anywhere who have not viewed these videos, please share the links:

City on our Knees

Break Open the Sky

Beauty will Rise

Thanks!  It means so much to watch this ministry grow and gives us greater vision for the future to share what is happening with the youth in Haiti.

We are meeting every day to link people who will work closely with us to rebuild Carrefour.  As soon as we get the “green light” from the Holy Spirit and the finances are in our hands to back it, we are going to move quickly.  Continue to PRAY for wisdom!

God hasn’t forgotten Haiti.  He has a plan and we must follow it.  Many times people don’t understand why it takes so long to accomplish a task here (until they come for a visit!).  Sometimes, it makes no sense to us that we have to wait to proceed, but when we hear from Him and follow His instructions, we find the timing is perfect and we are able to do so much more than we previously thought! 

PRAY!  The future looks bright!


P.S.  In answer to your questions, YES, you can still contribute through PayPal online.  Thanks to those of you who use it regularly.  We are blessed!

August 5, 2011 Haiti

Update August 5, 2011


Thank you for praying…  Tropical Storm Emily did not affect anything in our area.  We kept in touch with our people throughout the time it was supposed to be at its worst and they continued to report that there was a little wind and the sun was shining!  We praise God there was not a deluge of water in the tents in our city.  He IS Faithful!


I must report on Invasion again.  It’s fun to see these young men watch the numbers climb!  Today, when I went to our YouTube back office, City on our Knees was at 6,308 views and Break Open the Sky was at 1,799 views.  We hope to have more downloads within the next week or so…  Watch for them!


This experience with Invasion has been very revealing to us how far-reaching their ministry is.  We have now been seen in every continent, in 65 different countries and in 41 States in the U.S. 


We are only missing nine States.  If you know people in Alaska, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont or West Virginia, please send them the above links to these videos and let’s cover the entire United States!  If you know others in other countries of the world, please send them the links as well.  I’ll keep you posted!


I have had to look at a map to find where some countries are located!  Today, we added Oman to our list!  When I return to Haiti next week, I will take a large world map with me and, together with the guys in Invasion, will mark every country where they have been viewed and share it with the church! This is only the beginning of touching the nations with the life of Jesus from Haiti!   It’s educational for them as well! 


One day, we will post other groups from Church of Light on YouTube, along with drama presentations and the children’s choir.  Our church must learn about a much bigger world that Jesus came to save!


He’s Alive, and we know it!



August 3, 2011 Haiti

Update August 3, 2011

I’m back!  We have had many challenging days since I wrote an update… many days with no electricity, no diesel to run generators, much rain so computers dependent upon satellite don’t always work.  Then, someone hacked into our website and it took some time to get that working properly again.   Most Haitians are discouraged with their living conditions and it takes a lot to keep them up!   We came home for a few days to catch up in Orlando and were scheduled to return on Friday.  The airlines contacted us to re-schedule our flight because of the impending storm headed to Haiti and perhaps continuing its path to Florida.  Isn’t life exciting?!!

I’m attaching July and August newsletters to catch you on the positive.  God is at work among us and the Kingdom of God is advancing.  Read on!  Please continue to pray for us.  We have great plans for the coming months and plan to expand our staff to help us carry the load of rebuilding a nation.  We have been alone for too long!


July 2011

Dear Family,

We trust your summer is going well.  In Haiti, it has brought heavy rains, and over 300 deaths from disease within two blocks of our house in Carrefour.  Cholera centers are overcrowded.    

To date, none of our members has been affected.  Willem, one of our young men, was taken to the cholera treatment center after complaining of diarrhea and fever, but was found to have eaten something bad.  People are in fear because the blowing dust has released a wave of new viruses and disease to our city.  Extreme heat, along with the rain, is a breeding ground for bacteria and sickness.  We must be ‘on duty’, declaring the Word of God that ‘no plague will come near our dwelling’ and ‘By His stripes we are healed.’ 

People are worn out and discouraged and change cannot come soon enough for most!  Their temporary housing and daily struggles are getting old.  Without encouragement from the Holy Spirit, we would never survive.  ‘He who abides in the secret place of the Most High will not only survive, but rest in His protection!’  We are blessed with His Word!

President Martelly has a huge job to bring much-needed change to government.  He and his wife are out among the people, encouraging them while investigations go on inside the government, exposing the corruption of past generations.  Last week, at midnight, during a horrendous downpour, he and his wife went to the tent camps and helped physically move the tenants from the mud to higher ground!  No one knew it was the President in the raincoat under an umbrella because he arrived with only two security guards in a truck, not a limousine!  It was quite impressive!  

Bringing order to this chaotic country is a huge challenge and the patience of the people is short after such a long wait.  He is working on many different angles all at the same time, but people expect him to fix everything overnight.  Please pray for him!  He needs so much wisdom from God to move forward. 

The church continues to grow spiritually! We keep our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith… to the end.  Our youth are rising up to God’s standard for living!  This week, we have a Word seminar for our kids to encourage them to rise above peer pressure, bring understanding about Godly relationships, honesty and purity to their hearts.  This is the generation that will lead this nation out of the old system into God’s way of living and thinking, Kingdom living!  We have youth pastors and 25 teens from the States to spend four days with our youth.  There is never a spare minute here!

We want to say ‘Thank You’ to you.  You are the reason we have such a great impact in Carrefour!  So many lives would have been lost without your prayers and giving.  Please help us with your greatest gift today so we can continue to feed the hungry, treat the sick, house the homeless and put a new roof on our church.  We must seize this moment to save souls! 

God bless you as you keep us on the frontlines.

Terry and Cary


August 2011

 Dear Family,

Church of Light continues to grow in the power of the Holy Spirit.  This summer has been a time of advancing the Kingdom of God.  All of the departments of the church have been canvassing the neighborhood, praying for the sick and encouraging people not to give up hope…  Jesus is their only answer!  Many have been encouraged to continue in the faith as times get more difficult. 

Our basketball team from FCA, now attend our church.  We have 34 players, two teams, reaching the community.  Many lives, including the players, have been saved and filled with the Holy Spirit.  It’s so exciting to see them every time the church doors are open, sitting with notebook in hand, learning God’s Word.  Several have commented that they never knew the Christian life could be so fulfilling!  That’s our goal!  When the team was put together, little did we know that we would ‘inherit’ them in the church. We are thrilled!  They, too, are so blessed because they have support they have never known on other teams.  Our people know how to pray… and in competition, they have done remarkably well not only because of skill, but because of prayer!

This month marks the graduation of our three staff members who went to Bible School in Singapore.  They have done really well and we can’t wait to receive them back with a new level of training!  Continue to pray for Olrich, Rodolpho and Sherly.  They are counting the days until they see home again! 

To date, President Martelly has had his hands tied to accomplish his vision for a new Haiti, plagued with the regime left over from Presidents Preval and Aristide who are still running the parliament.  There still is no new Prime Minister.  Each candidate presented by President Martelly has been rejected because he wants to get rid of the corruption.  With many years of stealing and pillaging, the government corruption goes deeply into every facet of society

Financial aid has not yet been released to Haiti and the people suffer more.  It’s hard on us! We are not controlled by the government and can advance with our own building projects, but our contributions are depleted and we find it difficult to maintain what we have started.  At the same time, we cannot close our eyes to the severe needs of the people surrounding us.  

We continue to plan for a new tomorrow, believing God for millions of dollars necessary to do our part to see His will done in Haiti.  We see clearly that the government has affected the church for too long and it’s time for the church to take its stand and affect the government!  We, the church, must set the example for a new mindset, break the spirit of slavery and show, by example, a new day dawning in Haiti.

We trust that in the coming months, we will be able to finish the church renovations, as well as the housing next to the church, purchase the surrounding land in the mountain so the beautiful housing development can begin!   Nothing happens fast here.  It really tests our patience! 

We are currently working with an architectural team who are giving us their best so each phase can be done with great excellence!  We are so excited about that.  Teams of professionals will come for a 3-month stay before being replaced with a new team, trained to follow up with what is started.  The companies where these men work have agreed to let them take the time off!  They will not stop until the entire project is completed! God is good!  It’s taken some time to get these quality workmen connected, but it will be worth it in the end.  Please pray we can get materials out of customs easily.  This, too, has been a hang-up since the old government still wants control of the customs and our previous connections there don’t have the freedom they once had to help us.

Pray for our people.  With the rainy season comes much sickness.  Malaria rears its ugly head and many suffer. 

Every day is a challenge, but we know WE WIN! 

From the frontlines,

Terry and Cary

May 14, 2011

Update May 14, 2011 Invasion

I got so excited about the Inauguration today that I forgot to tell you that INVASION has now been viewed in 41 different countries and 6 continents!  Does anyone know someone in Antarctica?  That would make our world complete!!! 

City on our Knees has 4,186 views and Break open the Sky has 834 this minute.  It keeps changing!  These young guys can’t believe it as I keep the numbers in front of them. 

For several years I have been preaching that ‘It’s time for the Haitians to go to the Nations!’  Little did I know that God would use Invasion on YouTube to touch so many continents!  If you haven’t checked them out, here are the links again.  Please continue to pass them on to those you know.  We are working on two more dance routines as I write… Watch for them soon! City on our Knees Break Open the Sky


May 14, 2011 Haiti

Update May 14, 2011

It’s official! We have a new President in Haiti! Today at 7:00 a.m., Michel Martelly took the official oath of office.  The people are ecstatic!

Former pop star, Martelly, with no previous government experience, is now taking the reigns of this impoverished Caribbean nation, still recovering from last year’s devastating earthquake.

He took office this morning on the grounds of the collapsed presidential palace in Port-au-Prince. A power outage put the ceremony into darkness, but it was the first democratic transfer of power from one party to another in the country’s history!

The 50-year old performer, known to Haitians as “Sweet Micky” won the election in March by a landslide.  Before receiving the presidential sash, the President-elect Michel Joseph Martelly, made solemn the oath:

“I swear before God and the Nation, to faithfully observe the Constitution and laws of the Republic, to respect and enforce the rights of the Haitian people, to work to the greatness of the Fatherland, to maintain the National Independence and territorial integrity.”

Then, the outgoing President René Garcia Préval handed the presidential sash to President-elect Joseph Michel Martelly, who now is the 56th President of Haiti.

Thousands of people displaced by last year’s earthquake joined local and foreign dignitaries, including former U.S. President Bill Clinton, who led the U.S. delegation, to witness Martelly’s swearing in.  Ousted ex-President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and one-time dictator Jean-Claude (Baby Doc) Duvalier, who recently returned to Haiti, were invited, but did not attend the ceremony.

Please pray for our new President. He faces the huge task of rebuilding Haiti’s infrastructure.  He must work with a legislature controlled by the opposition party of. Preval.

International donors have withheld more than $10 billion in aid to Haiti until the new government can address the country’s deep poverty, earthquake-shattered infrastructure and a cholera outbreak.

Our new President asked Haitians today to join him in rebuilding their poor, earthquake-ravaged nation and said he would work to provide jobs, health and education.

“Haiti was sleeping and today Haiti is waking up … that’s the mandate you gave me and, trust me, things will change,” he said in his first speech after taking the presidential oath of office.

As they pressed against the railings of the crumbled white-domed presidential palace that was badly damaged in last year’s devastating earthquake, the crowd roared their approval of his words in Creole!

“Hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, we’re going to change Haiti, rebuild this country to make it stronger,” he said. His speech was heralded by a ceremonial blowing of conch shells (the crude trumpets used by the black slaves who rose up in a revolt that led to Haiti’s independence from France in 1804).

Martelly also sought to reassure foreign donors who have pledged billions of dollars for Haiti’s reconstruction to trust him to see it used properly. He promised security and guarantees for investments and private property owners.

In his inaugural speech, Martelly repeated his promises to transform Haiti from a development ‘basket case’ into a new Caribbean destination for investment and tourism that will provide jobs and better lives for its people.

“We need to build a Haiti where health is not a luxury, a Haiti that is not made of slums,” he said, adding he would also work to provide free education to every Haitian child.

Martelly, who proposes restoring Haiti’s disbanded army to eventually replace the more than 12,000 U.N. peacekeepers in his country, said he would not tolerate unrest or violence.

He promised tight security.  It will be safe to go to work, day or night.  He told the people to respect themselves and they will be respected.  “We can take care of ourselves.  We are an artistic people.  We don’t need to beg! We will work! We must change our reputation.  We are not beggars; we are not stealers. No corruption!  No stealing!”

“No more kidnapping, no more violence against women, no more injustice,” he said, ordering the police and judicial system to take a tough line against offenders.

In this small but volatile Caribbean nation, called Haiti, with a history of revolts and dictatorships, the inauguration marked the first time a democratically-elected Haitian president handed over power to a freely elected leader from the opposition.

“Everything I promised, I will do!  God will help me to rebuild Haiti.” This statement from their President encourages the people of Haiti to trust a leader who can mobilize them!   When they see the beginning of these promises coming true, they will rise up!

Today, a newly-elected-by-the-people President is saying the same things God has been saying to our church for many years…  Haiti will rise!

Thanks for praying for us as we continue to guide our people toward a new Haiti.  We know it won’t be an easy task for those in leadership, but as we pray, we know God will turn this upside-down little nation into the beautiful treasure it was meant to be!


P.S.  I thought you might like the Official Schedule of Today’s Events.  Here it is…

7:00 a.m.: Opening of the extraordinary sessions of the Constitutional oath of President-elect Joseph Michel Martelly

8:00 a.m.: Formal sitting in National Assembly during which the president-elect will make the constitutional oath.

9:30 a.m.: The President of the Republic, accompanied by the first lady will lay a wreath at the monument of the MUPANAH.

11:00a.m: Solemn Mass followed by “Te Deum” on the lawn of the National Palace.

11:30a.m: Address to the Nation of the President of the Republic on the lawn of the National Palace.

12:00 p.m.: Review of Units of the National Police of Haiti by the Head of State accompanied by the Director General of the HNP.

2:00 p.m.: Lunch offered by LLEE the president of the Republic and the First Lady in honor of foreign delegations at the Karibe Hotel.

4:30 p.m.:   Private audience granted to heads of delegations who requested it.

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