April 27, 2011 Haiti

Update April 27, 2011

Every day presents challenges.  This morning began with an English class with Invasion.  We are in the process of preparing them for traveling as a ministry team. 

If they are to travel with us, they must know English.  It amazes me how quickly these guys learn a new language.  I’m still trying to learn Creole!

We have invitations for Invasion to travel to the States to perform in churches, concerts and business events and, at the same time, they have been offered by a builder an opportunity to learn how to work as a building crew to put small cottages together!

This is just another opportunity that is available to these young men, ages 17-23.  They have a bright future!  Along with learning music and dance routines, they must come under strict discipline as well.  This is, unfortunately, my job as I lead this group!  Sometimes I have to find Terry for reinforcement!  They don’t like the discipline, but it is necessary and little-by-little they are rising up! 

When this group is well-equipped, it will be a tremendous example to the next generation of youth.  These young men are learning who they are in Christ, they know how to pray, they know how to minister to the needs of others and are constantly being trained to represent Jesus Christ wherever they go.

Although Invasion is currently on the front burner, our days are filled with meeting the physical needs of the poor.  Today, we gave out clothes and food to some of our mountain people who have nothing.  Then there is marriage counseling, wedding planning, drama practice, worship team practice, counseling and settling disputes, running a church, a household and visiting teams.

Tomorrow, we will pick up a container of food from Friends & Family to be shared with two other pastors in our area.  Our people are still hungry!  Next week, we will paint the outside of the church, now full of political graffiti.  Thank God for teams coming to help lift our hands and our paintbrushes!

Great is His faithfulness!




April 24, 2011 Haiti

Update April 24, 2011

I trust you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday, reflecting on the great love God showed to us when He sent Jesus to this earth…

He was born to die that we could live!  The price Jesus paid for us was a huge sacrifice!  Oh, that we would comprehend what He did to purchase our salvation.  What a miracle it was when He rose from the dead!  What an awesome thing it was when he ascended into heaven!   Oh, the anticipation in the hearts of His people waiting for His soon return…

Our drama ministry, Illumination, performed the message of Easter to a packed-out crowd this morning!   When they finished, Terry preached a powerful message and about 20 people were born again!  That is always such a joy to us!  Nearly every time the church doors are open, people are being converted. 

At the end of the service, Invasion danced to Break Open the Sky and from that point on, the church went wild as we celebrated Jesus!  Everyone left on a very high note!

I’ve been having problems with the computer lately.   On Saturday, we have a work team coming to us.  On this team is a computer expert who will be setting up a new system.  Soon, there will be a new internet service in Haiti and maybe we can catch up with the rest of the world!  What a blessing that will be for me!  It takes so long to accomplish anything here!

Keep praying!  He is the Lord of this nation!  We continue to proclaim it!  Pray for as we get ready for a new government next month.  It is essential that the church influence the government, not the government influencing the church!


P.S.  In case you didn’t get the link to Invasion on YouTube dancing to Break Open the Sky, here it is again… http://youtu.be/Dfabs9u_CDc  I think you’ll love it!  Between City on our Knees and Break Open the Sky, we have been viewed in 34 different countries.  Awesome!   


April 9, 2011 Haiti

Update April 9, 2011

Every day here is full to the max! Yesterday, we left our house at 5:30 a.m. to record the much-anticipated video by Invasion “Break Open the Sky”.  It meant traveling through early-morning traffic to the highest peak of a mountain range above Port-au-Prince.  The weather cooperated and we only had to do two takes! (It rained so hard last night that many people spent the night at our house or the church because they couldn’t get home from service.)

This group of young men is beginning to realize that this is a vital ministry from our church and they are more and more in demand.  They are challenged daily to live a life worthy of His calling.  Please pray for Joe, Ricardo, Mackingson, JP, David, Mackenzy, Christopher, Keby and Fabrisse that they will keep themselves pure and desire to be holy!

Here is the link to Break Open the Sky.  Please watch it and let us know what you think.  It really helps.  Then pass it on to everyone you know.   I really appreciate it.

YouTube Preview Image



April 7, 2011 Haiti

Update April 7, 2011

We have a new President!  Michel Martelly, the former entertainer, won the election by a landslide! 

We now know he was born and spent his early years in Carrefour and still has family here.  He was the choice of the U.S. government and the Clinton/Bush Foundations as well as the U.S. Embassy.  In fact, President Clinton was here today meeting with him, working with him regarding Haiti’s future.  Everyone is excited and dancing in the streets!  It means change, and that is what the whole population has been crying for.

The current government is now scrambling to try to show that they are doing something before they leave, although no one is impressed… It’s too late! 

FCA Director, Andrew Gurrier, and his wife, Ruth, made great progress on the sports program!  We are so excited to be partnering with them to see sports come alive again in Carrefour.  They have acquired access to one basketball court already and were given permission to claim it for FCA.  They even got a new paint job on their court!

I’ve been concentrating on Invasion’s  new dance, “Break Open the Sky” by Toby Mac.  We will tape their performance tomorrow.  By this weekend, you should be able to see these young men on YouTube.  Stay tuned…


March 30, 2011 Haiti

Update March 30, 2011

Days are full…  Attached is the latest newsletter.  Thanks for your prayers. 


 April 2011

Dear Family, 

The last months have been busy with building, elections, church growth and sports.

We are in the midst of waiting for election results and tensions are rising.  Just when things were tense, the current President Preval doubled the prices on everything, raised the already-high gas prices and doubled the salaries of the government workers.  It seems like he is trying to create problems for the new incoming government.  The people have been suffering enough and now are protesting and watching to make sure the government officials don’t leave Haiti without restitution.  Everyone has been waiting for the government.  Change, money and projects are stopped until a new president is in place.  Pray for God’s leaders to be in place.  This is Haiti’s opportunity to start to sail ahead.

The buildings next to the church are moving ahead.  Eco Building Products just left Haiti after working with a team of men from Orlando, Florida to finish framing 13 buildings for our model village.  Now we are waiting for the next container to continue progress.  The young men in the church are excited to see what they have helped build come together.  They are beginning to understand that this is the beginning to rebuild Haiti. 

This village will stand out as a mini model to the country to see what can be and bring hope to the people to start working for a new Haiti.

The church continues to grow as new converts come for training and to find their place in the Kingdom of God.  Hearts are being challenged and faith is strengthening as we push ahead in the Spirit, leaving old ways behind and learning to hear and obey the voice of God. 

With the world in such chaos, we must know Him and keep our eyes on Him as never before.  God is opening doors that no man can shut.  We must go ahead and not look back but continue to stay on the straight and narrow road that leads to life.

God gave us a great door with the youth as Andrew Gurrier came to Haiti from Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Atlanta, Georgia to start a Christian sports program.  Our contacts at the Carrefour Stadium opened the door for him to direct the entire sports program using sports to bring the Gospel to our youth.  Many of our young people are helping him with the evangelism and follow-up of the new converts.

This stadium is the largest stadium in the Caribbean!  Built in the late 1970’s, it houses a   soccer field with stadium, multiple basketball courts, indoor gymnasium and tennis courts plus an Olympic-size swimming pool.  This is just one more indication that God is giving us the city of 1.2 million to be a light to this nation!

To renovate this stadium will cost approximately $3 million.  We are currently contacting businesses and businessmen with an interest in doing such a project.  Our job is huge, and the training needed is overwhelming, but God is raising up His army to advance.  Please call in the finances with us that are needed to do these projects. 

Please pray for wisdom and discernment to stay close to Him as we press through these huge undertakings.

Pray for strength for us.  We have been going non-stop since before the earthquake in January 2010.

Finances are at an all-time low, while needs are at an all-time high!  Now, we see prices doubling in Haiti.   I think you can understand we need a miracle.  If we look at what is practical, we should leave Haiti for one year to generate new support to keep going. 

Please consider planting seed in this fertile ground that promises to bring a huge return as we rebuild a nation, using God’s principles.  The devil is pushing his last push, but we know we win!  Push with us to see a new Haiti.

We love you and are praying for His blessing to overtake you.

Love from the frontlines,

Terry and Cary

P.S.  Pray for Japan.  The real issues are yet to hit the country.  We are still reeling from an earthquake with no tsunami.  It takes years to get back on your feet after such an ordeal.  We understand in part what Japan is experiencing.  The thing we had on our side was that most of the nation of Haiti knew of Jesus and immediately cried out to Him to save them, both temporarily and eternally.  Haitians pray that Japan will take the lifeline we sent to them in prayer and will meet Jesus!

March 20, 2011 Haiti

Update March 20, 2011

Elections went off today seemingly without a hitch!  Saturday night brought some sporadic shootings, but when morning came, it was again relatively calm.  The results will be made known on April 16.  There will be much opposition no matter who wins… and with Aristide’s return, we can expect threats of more disturbances.  Please continue to pray for safety.   

Another work team of nine men will arrive from Freedom Fellowship in Orlando, FL tomorrow.  It will be a joy to have them on the ground, working with two more builders from Eco Building Products to finish framing the remaining houses and other buildings next to the church.  Pray for Terry and me.  These teams are a wonderful help, but we have been going steady since long before the earthquake and need rest soon…

We are really happy to be in step with the Holy Spirit as He sends help our way!  We certainly couldn’t do it ourselves.  He is FAITHFUL!

Thank you for continuing to support our expansion projects.  Please continue to use PayPal.  It is such a great help. 


March 19, 2011 Haiti

Update March 19, 2011

Elections are tomorrow… Pray!  We plan to have church at 7:00 a.m. so we are out by 9:00 when elections are slated to begin.

Aristide came back to Haiti yesterday!  The former twice-ousted President with history of some of the greatest corruption ever known in Haiti, returned to Haiti from South Africa, before the elections, thinking he would not be allowed in after elections. 

Elections were planned to go smoothly, but now the word on the street says Aristide supporters plan to sabotage the elections.  Aristide’s return should test Haiti’s willingness to have democracy by prosecuting him for much drug dealing.  Many testified against him after his last departure.  Tomorrow could be the beginning of a political bloodbath

We are praying for God’s will to be done so that all the evil can be uprooted once and for all in Haiti and God can take His place to restore this land.  Even when we don’t fully understand this volatile situation, we know God is in control.  He sees the whole picture and we are praying for His will to be done.  Daily, we purpose to be led by His Spirit, to stay in step with Him, to be at the right place at the right time and to take every opportunity to see Haiti bow its knee to Jesus.

The sports program has taken off well!  The first meeting with open gym, was a great time to get to know who can play and who can coach.  Joe, one of the dancers from Invasion, invited three of his basketball friends to come to the stadium to meet Andrew.  Before they left, all three were born again!  That was their first meeting! 

We are thrilled!  This is going to be a great tool to bring the youth into the kingdom and teach them respect, honor, and discipline.  This is just another avenue of investment in our youth.  (See attached link from Andrew regarding the wonderful blessing of the stadium and meeting the youth, along with photos of our services, unloading the container and starting the building process on our property next to the church)  It will acquaint you with Fellowship of Christian Athletes , along with Andrew and Ruth Gurrier, who will be working closely with us in Carrefour.) www.fcahaiti.wordpress.com

Our two main YouTube entries are growing in viewership each day.  If you have friends who have not seen Haiti after the earthquake and how Light Ministries stepped in to help, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-R83k7BuWwU or if they have not seen one of our ministry teams, Invasion, dance to Toby Mac’s City on our Knees, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuZIYkQWQXA

Even when times are uncertain, as tomorrow’s elections, we know HE IS GOOD and His mercy endures FOREVER.  We love Him so much!


March 17, 2011 Haiti

Update March 17, 2011

Since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, many of the world’s eyes have gone to that part of the world.  We were quite surprised when we brought the news to our church to see they couldn’t wait to pray for Japan, knowing the horror it must have been! 

The church immediately rose up in intercession, throwing a lifeline of salvation to those who were lost, crying out for the Holy Spirit to touch the hearts of the Japanese people who needed Jesus.  They prayed that God would somehow reveal Himself to them and bring supernatural help to those in need.  In seconds, their hearts were connected with Japan.  It blessed us so much because it’s difficult for Haitians to see outside their own needs.

Even as they have continued to pray over these days, not only have they been reminded of the loss of friends and family, but also that God’s plan for them was to live and not die!  

Continue to pray for our people as they reach beyond themselves to others in need.  They need much encouragement because they are still barely surviving on a daily basis.  For them, things are still moving so slowly.  The one thing we know is God is in charge and sees everything!


P.S.  Elections are on Sunday.  Pray for God’s will to be done in this land.

March 12, 2011 Haiti

Update March 12, 2011

We are in full-swing here.  On Monday, Andrew and Ruth Gurrier came from Atlanta, Georgia to lay a foundation for Fellowship of Christian Athletes to begin a vital sports ministry in Carrefour.  We have for some time tried to find a sports facility available to get the youth involved, to keep them focused and off the streets. 

The beautiful thing is the Gurriers have come as an answer to our prayers with more than sports in mind.  It is simply a vehicle to reach the masses of youth with the Gospel.  We are in the process of finding strong Haitian coaches for basketball and soccer who can also lead sportsmen and women to Christ.  

Today, we visited the Director of Carrefour stadium (who was born again after the earthquake last year) and were overjoyed to find he was praying for someone to come in and run the sports program.  He works for the government but refuses to open the door to anyone who is not a Christian.  Andrew found favor with him, and before we left, he said, ‘When do you want to start? Tomorrow?’  Andrew has been collecting uniforms, balls and equipment for some time, preparing for this day.  It looks like God, once again, has paved the way for His next impact upon our City!     

On Wednesday, Steve Conboy and his building crew came to unload the container, pour footings and begin construction of the remaining nine houses and three additional buildings for food preparation and service, laundry and bath houses. 

They discovered the land does not allow space for the full clinic as anticipated and requires we buy the adjoining piece of property in order to complete that.  Please pray!  We need approximately $100,000 to purchase that.

In the meantime, Eco Building Products builders scaled down the clinic and gave us two separate spaces for  a studio for dance and drama, along with an extra multi-purpose classroom.  We are very serious in developing these ministry teams and have lacked aspace for them to prepare.  This is our answer!   

The team worked until midnight, the past two nights,  framing one small cottage and two 12’x28’ and one 16’x32’ buildings.  They left early this morning to return to California but will send another team soon to finish the detail on the project.  Hopefully, within six weeks, this ‘mini model’ village will be completely done!   

Pray for elections on March 20.  As you know, these are typically days of unrest.  We are praying for fair elections, where every vote is counted.  Let’s pray that this is the first election in Haiti that truly means something! 

Pray for the church to stay strong during these uncertain days.   People are becoming impatient and losing hope with the slow progress of rebuilding.  It’s difficult; sometimes we wonder how long could we live in a tent and be happy…  Camping is one thing, living in a little tent for over a year with rains coming is exasperating!

He’s the God of this City!  We rejoice even when days are hard.


March 4, 2011 Haiti

Update March 4, 2011

We got the container released in one day, less than 24 hours…truly a FIRST in Haiti!  Thanks so much for praying!  When we found out the paperwork was done yesterday mid-afternoon, we asked if it was possible to deliver the container to our property before Carnival closes the streets.  We just opened the gate to pull it onto our property ten minutes ago!  GOD IS GOOD!  The last container we received took two months!  What a miracle!   

Normally, they must open and inventory the contents before leaving the port, but they allowed us to have it delivered today and will open it when Eco Building Products’ building team arrives on Wednesday.  This is unheard of here!  News camera crews from CNN and FOX News are on alert to be able to capture this monumental day, the beginning of many communities rising from the rubble…

Last night we prayed that God would send rain to close down Carnival.  Things were getting really loud at our house, about two blocks from the bandstand.  At midnight, God sent a downpour and everyone went running for home, including the performers!  I sat up in bed and shouted, ‘Hallelujah!’  Terry, who had been asleep, was awakened by me shouting, and threw his hands in the air, shouting ‘Hallelujah!’  We lay down again and slept well until the sun came up and another busy day began!  GOD IS GOOD! 

Only HE can send the rain!  Only HE can release a container in less than 24 hours.  We are blessed!


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