April 20, 2010 Haiti

Update April 20, 2010

It was a busy day today… running the clinic, cleaning our food depot, meeting with church leaders, dreaming of a very bright future!

In the clinic today, our visitors, Firefighters for Christ and Leigh, along with one Haitian doctor, saw over 100 patients, many needing stitches for deep cuts from glass and scrapes from cement as they try to uncover their houses and yards.  The people are trying to return to their homes, but the government advises them not to enter them because they say there is a bigger earthquake with a tsunami coming… 

Our food depot was a disaster when I returned.  We had to buy two extra freezers in the DR to store food for such large teams.  They have been sitting outside until today, when we moved them inside where they won’t rust.  Hopefully, tomorrow we will add more shelves to organize food.  There is so much to be re-organized yet, but little-by-little, it is getting done! 

This afternoon, we met with our Children’s Ministers.  That was the most exciting time!  We are really linked together in pouring ourselves into the next generation and equipping them for a new Haiti!  In June, we plan to start Children of LIGHT, a new ministry to children age 3-12.  There are now 150 children in the New Believers class and need a place to get to know each other and be encouraged to follow Jesus in every area of their lives.  This time on Saturdays will be that place of encouragement!

Tomorrow, we should finalize the closing on the first parcel of the mountain land.  Pray everyone shows up to the closing!  As funds continue to come in, we plan to start building our ‘tent city’ and watch it grow into City of Light!

Thanks again for praying!  Thanks again for giving!  Thanks again for your encouraging words!  You keep us going!  What a team we have become!!!





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