April 23, 2010 Haiti

Update April 23, 2010

Tonight after the Prayer meeting, a young man, Rochnelle, age 19, stopped me and told me that his father had died yesterday afternoon on his way to Haiti from the Dominican Republic.  He has been sick for a long time with Zona, a serious disease. 

Rochnelle wanted to go to see him, but didn’t have papers to get through the border.  He decided to go anyway and see if they would let him pass through.  When he told them about his father and that he must find him, a man said he was coming with him to Haiti and he suddenly disappeared!  No one knew where he had gone!  The people at the border began to talk and he discovered that there was a man who was dead and the Dominicans wanted to dump his body. 

When Rochnelle presented his father’s birth certificate and photos, they said to him this man we saw looks like you!  They took him to the place where a group of people were standing around a dead man’s body.  When they realized it was his father, they released the body to him and he returned to Port-au-Prince and put him in the morgue at General Hospital, awaiting burial. I’m sure they have no money to bury him; we will find out after the family comes together.

I prayed for Rochnelle, and the peace of God surged through his body.  Please pray for his  family as they face this situation.  May they, too, know the peace of God which passes all understanding!

We never know what a day brings.  We must be in touch with the Holy Spirit every minute of every day, to face whatever comes our way.  Thanks for your prayers which keep us up!  We need you.   


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