April 24, 2011 Haiti

Update April 24, 2011

I trust you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday, reflecting on the great love God showed to us when He sent Jesus to this earth…

He was born to die that we could live!  The price Jesus paid for us was a huge sacrifice!  Oh, that we would comprehend what He did to purchase our salvation.  What a miracle it was when He rose from the dead!  What an awesome thing it was when he ascended into heaven!   Oh, the anticipation in the hearts of His people waiting for His soon return…

Our drama ministry, Illumination, performed the message of Easter to a packed-out crowd this morning!   When they finished, Terry preached a powerful message and about 20 people were born again!  That is always such a joy to us!  Nearly every time the church doors are open, people are being converted. 

At the end of the service, Invasion danced to Break Open the Sky and from that point on, the church went wild as we celebrated Jesus!  Everyone left on a very high note!

I’ve been having problems with the computer lately.   On Saturday, we have a work team coming to us.  On this team is a computer expert who will be setting up a new system.  Soon, there will be a new internet service in Haiti and maybe we can catch up with the rest of the world!  What a blessing that will be for me!  It takes so long to accomplish anything here!

Keep praying!  He is the Lord of this nation!  We continue to proclaim it!  Pray for as we get ready for a new government next month.  It is essential that the church influence the government, not the government influencing the church!


P.S.  In case you didn’t get the link to Invasion on YouTube dancing to Break Open the Sky, here it is again… http://youtu.be/Dfabs9u_CDc  I think you’ll love it!  Between City on our Knees and Break Open the Sky, we have been viewed in 34 different countries.  Awesome!   


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