April 25, 2020 Haiti

Update April 25, 2010

God showed up at Church of Light again today!  We had a full house with standing room only. 

A ministry team from Puerto Rico had the whole service.  They have been coming to Haiti for five years and always have a good program with drama, music, dance and a good word from God’s Word.  Our people were encouraged in their faith walk and eight more were converted!

Today’s message was about trusting God in everything.  It’s the difference between knowing about God and knowing God.  When we know Him, we trust Him!  Otherwise, we have knowledge about Him and have faith in that knowledge, but not complete trust in Him.

We continue to work on housing issues. There are still many people without a roof over their heads; this must be among our priorities.  We are working on a plan to secure the area and begin moving our people and tents up to the mountain soon.  Even with housing solutions coming our way, the problems with shipping, customs and corruption at this end make it difficult to proceed.  We also must have discernment about who to work with.  There are so many options…Pray!

Even with the new issues we are dealing with to rebuild this area, our first responsibility is to continue to teach God’s Word and His ways to those He has given us.  I am happy to report we have never deviated from that purpose.  God is faithful as we are faithful!


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