April 27, 2011 Haiti

Update April 27, 2011

Every day presents challenges.  This morning began with an English class with Invasion.  We are in the process of preparing them for traveling as a ministry team. 

If they are to travel with us, they must know English.  It amazes me how quickly these guys learn a new language.  I’m still trying to learn Creole!

We have invitations for Invasion to travel to the States to perform in churches, concerts and business events and, at the same time, they have been offered by a builder an opportunity to learn how to work as a building crew to put small cottages together!

This is just another opportunity that is available to these young men, ages 17-23.  They have a bright future!  Along with learning music and dance routines, they must come under strict discipline as well.  This is, unfortunately, my job as I lead this group!  Sometimes I have to find Terry for reinforcement!  They don’t like the discipline, but it is necessary and little-by-little they are rising up! 

When this group is well-equipped, it will be a tremendous example to the next generation of youth.  These young men are learning who they are in Christ, they know how to pray, they know how to minister to the needs of others and are constantly being trained to represent Jesus Christ wherever they go.

Although Invasion is currently on the front burner, our days are filled with meeting the physical needs of the poor.  Today, we gave out clothes and food to some of our mountain people who have nothing.  Then there is marriage counseling, wedding planning, drama practice, worship team practice, counseling and settling disputes, running a church, a household and visiting teams.

Tomorrow, we will pick up a container of food from Friends & Family to be shared with two other pastors in our area.  Our people are still hungry!  Next week, we will paint the outside of the church, now full of political graffiti.  Thank God for teams coming to help lift our hands and our paintbrushes!

Great is His faithfulness!




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