April 28, 2010 Haiti

Update April 28, 2010

At our mid-week service tonight, I followed up on what Terry taught last week on the Gifts of the Spirit:  The Verbal Gifts (Tongues, Interpretation and Prophecy), the Power Gifts (Working of Miracles, Faith, Gifts of Healings) and the Revelation Gifts (Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom and Discerning of Spirits). 

From there, I went into the five-fold Ministry Gifts that God placed in the church to equip people for His kingdom and used the five fingers of the hand to illustrate it: 

The Apostle establishes and builds churches; he’s a church planter.  He may function in many or all of the ministry gifts.  He is the thumb, the strongest of all of the fingers, able to touch every finger.

The Prophet functions as God’s mouthpiece, speaking forth God’s Word.  The prophet is the index finger, or pointer finger.  He points to the future and points out sin.  

The Evangelist is called to be a witness for Jesus Christ.  He brings people into the Kingdom of God, and plugs them into the local church, where they can be discipled.  He is the middle finger, the tallest one who stands out in the crowd.  

The Pastor is the Shepherd of the people.  He will lay down his life for his sheep.  The Pastor is the ring finger.  He is married to the church; called to stay, oversee, protect, nurture and guide.

The Teacher lays the foundation and is concerned with detail and accuracy.  He loves to research to validate truth.  The Teacher is the little finger, the pinky finger.  He is designed specifically for digging into tight, dark places, shining light and picking apart the Word of Truth.

When those called to the five-fold ministry haven’t yet stepped into their call, there is a void, a lack.  It is then that the Holy Spirit steps in to fill the gap.  Tonight, they understood the ministry gifts!   Pastor Olrich then asked those who knew the office God had called them to, to come forward… He ministered to more than 80!

Next, I will teach on the Motivational gifts, the gifts we possess, given to us at birth that shape our personality:  the motivational force that drives us.  As we each walk in the gifts God has given us, we will truly be a blessing in the earth!  That is why we are here…


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