April 6, 2010 Haiti

Update April 6, 2010

I would like to share a report from those visiting us in Haiti from time to time so you get another perspective.  Gary Harding has been coordinating the team work projects, preaching and training new converts. Last night, he was going to teach on healing, when the Holy Spirit prompted him to ask if there were those who wanted to receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit.  He prayed with 25 new converts to receive the baptism with the Holy Spirit and was so excited that they began to pray in tongues so easily.  God is at work! 

Here is Gary’s report on what on what he calls SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE

Saturday night, Pastor Terry was asked by a recently-converted voodoo man to come to his home.  It seems that, as this man was reading God’s Word and praying, the Holy Spirit spoke to him that he should burn all the items he had in his house that he used in his practice of voodoo.  It is amazing how, just in a few weeks, God has come into this life and is cleaning it up for His habitation!  I went along to observe the visit, and what happened there has no explanation in my western paradigm of thinking.

As we entered, we were met by this man’s wife and his elderly mother.  The wife claims to have been converted, and I don’t doubt that.  Mom is still deep into voodoo and makes a living selling articles for the practice of voodoo. 

As we were handed a bag containing the voodoo articles, Pastor Terry asked to pray for the man and his wife.   As he placed his hands on the wife, she fell on the floor and began to thrash and yell wildly.  Her eyes were rolled partway back in her head and at first I thought she was having a seizure. 

Immediately, Pastor Terry and two other Haitians went to the floor to hold her still and Pastor Terry proceeded to cast demons out of her.  Many of you have seen Pastor Terry; he is not a small man.  When this woman convulsed, she almost lifted him off the floor!  In a matter of minutes, the demons were gone and this woman stood up in her right mind!

Up until this, when I read about Jesus casting demons out of people, I had a very peaceful, Sunday School version of what happened in my minds eye.  No more!

This is what Jesus came to do… to set the captives free!



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