April 7, 2011 Haiti

Update April 7, 2011

We have a new President!  Michel Martelly, the former entertainer, won the election by a landslide! 

We now know he was born and spent his early years in Carrefour and still has family here.  He was the choice of the U.S. government and the Clinton/Bush Foundations as well as the U.S. Embassy.  In fact, President Clinton was here today meeting with him, working with him regarding Haiti’s future.  Everyone is excited and dancing in the streets!  It means change, and that is what the whole population has been crying for.

The current government is now scrambling to try to show that they are doing something before they leave, although no one is impressed… It’s too late! 

FCA Director, Andrew Gurrier, and his wife, Ruth, made great progress on the sports program!  We are so excited to be partnering with them to see sports come alive again in Carrefour.  They have acquired access to one basketball court already and were given permission to claim it for FCA.  They even got a new paint job on their court!

I’ve been concentrating on Invasion’s  new dance, “Break Open the Sky” by Toby Mac.  We will tape their performance tomorrow.  By this weekend, you should be able to see these young men on YouTube.  Stay tuned…


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