April 8, 2010 Haiti

Update April 8, 2010

I am attaching our monthly newsletter, a review of what God has done this past month.  Wow!  He is Faithful!  Out of the ruins, beauty will rise!


April 2010

Dear Family,

Another month has passed, yet it seems like one long day since the January 12 devastation. 

Thank you so much for your support and work teams!  This past month, we have finished repairing the church and plan to return to our building on Sunday for our first service.  We are very excited to get back!  Our yard simply cannot handle all the people!   There is no place for ministry to those sitting, standing and spilling out into the street! 

We have also finished the wall around the adjoining property.  The gates are in transit and should be installed soon. Pray for cooperation in customs for this shipment.  We are shipping to another port, hoping to have greater success than in St. Marc.  With the move back to the church, we must continue to ready this property next door for the big tent and to purchase chairs for church overflow and training sessions.  We really have two churches now!  With over 1400 new converts, plus more than 1000 original members, much training and discipleship are needed.

The purchase of the ‘City on a Hill’ land is slowly moving ahead.  We currently have paid for one carreau (3.19 acres) of land, but need the rest of the adjacent land to begin City of Light construction.  To purchase the remaining 6.38 acres, we still need $62,000.  Next, a well needs to be drilled for water, and then toilets, showers, cooking facilities, etc. set in place, another $50,000, to be ready for people to occupy the land!  Hopefully, the City will help with the road up to the property.

Many Haitians and foreigners – builders, contractors, factory developers and surveyors – are ready to help rebuild Haiti. Our Number One prayer request is that the Haitian government will release authority to local government so they can begin to rebuild their cities.  Carrefour is ready!

In Customs, the greed is overwhelming!  This is what holds up the country’s rebuilding process.   It has gotten worse each day!  We have been negotiating for almost three months for our vehicles to get out of customs.  With over $120,000 (USD) worth of supplies and much-needed equipment, along with the dump truck, bobcat, generator, flatbed trucks and pickup waiting to get out, we have fought every day, on every level, to get the price from $80,000 (USD) to $16,000 (USD) for just two of the trucks, lumber and 70KW generator… That is the bottom price!  They will not even discuss it further!

Laws are changing daily.  We are currently working closely with key people for future shipments; we cannot go through this again… It is a waste of time and God’s money!  Over the years, we have always found favor in what we are doing in Haiti.  We will continue to walk in favor with God and man! 

Hopefully, many of you have looked at our website www.lightministriesinc.org to follow Cary’s regular updates; God is moving daily to get us ready for a ‘new Haiti’.

Here is an encouraging email Cary received recently from Pat, a recent Medical Team visitor.  It brings us such joy when others can see Church of Light as we have seen over the years… We are so proud of our people!  

I saw your Church in action while there and was particularly impressed with how equipped your young people are in every respect. My “take away” was that they (the Church) were truly ready “for such a time as this”.  For that reason, I haven’t stopped praying for them.

You and Pastor Terry and the other leaders of the church have truly worked hard to prepare the youth to minister. It was so evident in all they did. While ministering to a patient in the clinic, I felt confident to turn over prayer to my interpreter.  They would minister God’s Word with compassion, sensitivity, and confidence. It truly was amazing!

For that reason, I pray for God’s continuing strength for you and Terry.

Your continued prayer for wisdom, health, strength and life and your financial support is so necessary for us to continue progress.  We know that, without you, we could never have seen all that God has done!  The needs are overwhelming and the task is enormous, but, with each one doing his part, we will see the vision completed! 

Please pray and give, so the remaining $62,000 can secure this land in the mountain.  Others are now aware the land exists!  One of the things we hear constantly from visitors who have temporary housing available is that there is no land on which to put their houses.  We know that!  Thank you for giving through PayPal, in addition to normal mailing.  You are a tremendous blessing to us as you use these services! 

Now is the time, and we must act while doors are open, for we know this is Haiti’s Day!     

May God richly reward you as, together, we allow His LIGHT shine in Haiti.

On the frontlines,

Terry and Cary


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