August 1, 2010 Haiti

Update August 1, 2010

It’s so exciting to see our people come to church with such expectancy!  Many were ministered to who were fighting discouragement because their lives are not getting back to normal fast enough. 

Eight more were born again!  Among them was a woman, Alise, deeply involved in voodoo.  Her son, Randol, was saved after the earthquake and was so transformed that she knew she wanted to serve Jesus too. 

Alise has come to the church for about two months, checking to see if God is real.  Week after week, she has seen His anointing and His power.  Today, she was the first one to step forward to give her heart to Jesus.  With her whole heart and such boldness, she prayed to receive Jesus into her life!  Immediately, her face was transformed!  Then she said, ‘Pastor, can you come later today to my house and take all my voodoo stuff out and burn it?’  

Tonight, we went to her house and loaded up the truck with voodoo stuff,  drove to a remote area and had a ‘Holy Ghost bonfire!’  We prayed through her house, anointing it with oil; the peace of God settled in the house and the neighbors rejoiced that ‘another one of satan’s generals has surrendered…’  Alise then received the baptism with the Holy Spirit and began to pray in her new heavenly language.  I wish you could have seen her face.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen such joy! 

Tomorrow will be a challenge for her as she deals with her old clients coming to her for services.  Pray that Alise will be a bold witness for Jesus.  She will be in the New Converts class tomorrow night.  Pray that the eyes of her understanding will be opened and her life will be established on a solid foundation of God’s Word

We were ready to close the service this morning, but the church wanted to acknowledge Terry’s Birthday, which is tomorrow (August 2).  Wow!  What a celebration!  Few people have any money for a nice gift, but they thought about something that everyone could do that would bless Terry (and me).  Guess what they did… 

They came out of their seats with big smiles and fruitwatermelon, mangoes, grenadine, grenadia, bananas, apples, grapes, papaya, abreco, kenep, pineapple, oranges – Everyone with something in their hands!  Soon the steps to the platform were fullwith fruit!  Then came hugs and kisses from everyone!!!  Terry was in shock, with tears in his eyes!   Then several said ‘Thank You’ to Pastor Terry for what he means to them.  We were amazed at their testimonies of the impact he has had in their lives!  We praise God that His Word is falling on good soil!

Tonight, our house smells like a fruit market!  We are so blessed!  On Thursday, we have a team coming and we will be able to celebrate Terry’s birthday every day with fresh fruit!  These people love us so much!

If you get a chance to drop a note to Terry on Monday, to wish him a Happy Birthday, he would be shocked… and blessed!  Send it to and he will pick it up.  Thanks.


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