August 15, 2011

Update August 15, 2011

Invasion reached Czech Republic yesterday!  If you know people anywhere who have not viewed these videos, please share the links:

City on our Knees

Break Open the Sky

Beauty will Rise

Wherever we go, we must affect our world.  Sometimes we don’t know whose lives we have touched until years later.  We must live for God no matter where we are, extending our hearts and hands and prayers to those we meet.

While in Orlando, we received a letter of thanks from Mary Anne, a massage therapist whom we met several years ago.  At that time, she was starting her business in a new location and asked us to come and pray that God would use her as she did massages.

We laid hands on her massage table and prayed that the presence of God would permeate her place of business and that many would be healed as they received massage.

She recently moved again, and said, “I could tell you story after story of His lovingkindness and faithfulness…” at that place of business. Here is an excerpt from her letter.  Enjoy!

Before leaving the place where you anointed for healing, God healed a man of Alzheimer’s Disease in one hour.  Another man was healed of Spinal Stenosis.  God gave a colon cancer client a brand new lining of her colon with no scars from surgery.  This happened on the massage table when she forgave and we prayed.  She came back to tell me her scar tissue was gone and all new pink skin. 

We have the Greater One living on the inside of us…  Wherever we go, we take His presence, His power and His anointing!


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