August 2, 2010 Haiti

Update August 2, 2010

This morning we received two more watermelon with a ‘Happy Birthday, Pasteur!’ sign attached.  God is good!  Terry received so many birthday greetings from all over the world and was so shocked.  Thank you!!!  That blessed me as much as him! 

Tonight,  Mayor Yvon Jerome came to our house for dinner.  He turned off his three constantly-ringing phones, which allowed us time to visit and to discuss the overall plan to rebuild Carrefour.  We also talked about the horrible abuse we know is taking place in the tent cities… 

Just around the corner from us is a tent camp of about 200 families.  This morning I learned there are now 14 young girls pregnant and many are testing positive with AIDS.  These young people were given individual tents and are no longer answering to parents, thinking they are now independent.  The ages of these pregnant girls?  14-16!  It breaks my heart to know that this is only one camp out of thousands where rape is a way of life.  Our Mayor was appalled to hear our statistics.  Please pray for this most-troubling situation!  

Mayor Yvon is currently in the process of breaking up some of the camps because owners need their land back.  Many are being sent back to families in the countryside who can’t handle the extra burden of more mouths to feed either.  He is overwhelmed!  Pray for our Mayor.  He needs the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  He came to church yesterday and tonight was repeating Terry’s sermon!  He said He will be back, maybe to play the drums!  (He used to be a professional drummer).  God has given us favor with this man, and we know we are part of God’s plan to invest in his life.    

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support.  As we have the funds, we will finish the church and begin to develop the mountain!  On Thursday, we will meet again with the mayor and a city planner to begin the actual planning of a new CarrefourPray for us that we will have God’s Plan, for that is the only plan that will work!

Every day brings new challenges, but God assures us we are well able to take the land, so we move forward.  Continue to pray!  We need you.


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