August 20, 2010 Haiti

Update August 20, 2010

It’s me again…

Time goes so fast when we are in meetings every day trying to help rebuild Haiti!  It’s an unbelievable undertaking!  Before we can move ahead, we must always fix what is still  broken… walls, roof, electrical, water, computer!  Every day it is something!

Some of our youth have been trained to erect the 12×12 houses I told you about for our Police families.  It took several days before they actually arrived in Carrefour.  To date, we have been involved in building over 45 houses!   

Housing remains a priority for our people.  We flew into Miami for a couple days to meet with people with new housing possibilities. 

We are being considered for an entire housing trailer camp, which sleeps 300.  These trailers were given to a corporation in Canada.  They want to send 10 complete camps to Haiti.  One camp includes:  3 96-person dormitories, a 12-person sleeper, male and female showers/toilets/laundry facilities, a 132-seat diner, a commercial kitchen, along with generator, water tanks, fuel tank… move-in ready.  This would be ideal on the mountain!    We can think of so many ways to use this all-inclusive housing camp as a model for initial housing!  We are still getting details and will let you know what is required of us.  It is worth over Two Million Dollars!  PRAY!

Another opportunity just dropped in our laps… A church in Wisconsin sent a container to Haiti.  In the container are five 360-sq-ft solid houses made of termite-proof treated wood with a steel door and a window, along with non-perishable food.  This container was held up in customs.  They originally wanted $17,000 for the customs fee.  They negotiated that fee down to $6,000.  Now, the camp that they wanted to send it to no longer exists, so they contacted us and told us if we could pay the newly-negotiated price of  $6,000, we can have it!  The builder wants to give them to us to use as a model… We see five more houses for our people… 

Can you help us again, overnight, with $6,000 and we will clear this container?  Just let us know, or you can use PayPal.  It amazes us every day that things are coming our way that we didn’t even look for.  What next?!!  God is SO GOOD!   






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