August 24, 2010 Haiti

Update August 24, 2010

Every day brings a new challenge and new joy, just connecting the dots to get the job done!  Yesterday, we had the privilege of having two eye doctors come to visit, with a vision to help maintain Haiti’s eyes, literally!

After meetings today with those in charge of Haiti’s eye care, we now know we can develop a full-service eye treatment center in Carrefour, treating the rich and poor alike.   We have the blessing of the Ophthalmology Association to operate a clinic, a lens-grinding lab, retail eye care center, as well as a manufacturing lab.

God is good!  Each day opens another avenue of ministry to the Haitian people, bringing necessary healthcare and jobs to them.  We began the day working on housing and ended tonight with plans to operate an eye clinic…  Can you believe it?  Sometimes we can hardly keep up with ourselves!  At the same time, we know we must deal with things as they come into our hands. 

In rebuilding this nation, we must never lose sight of our purpose in coming to Haiti… to teach and to train the Haitian people in God’s Word for, in that, they will have everything they need for life and godliness.  As they learn to seek Him first and His kingdom, these other things will be added to them because they have learned to walk in His Word!

Thanks for believing in us, for allowing us to represent you in rebuilding a new Haiti, even though much of the world has already forgotten.  We appreciate your support more than you know…



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