August 26, 2011 Update

Update August 26, 2011


Haiti was spared by Hurricane Irene!  We had only a bit of rain and light wind with no damage in our area.  God is good!  It’s great to know Him as our Protector!


Progress is moving slowly.  Throughout the world, people’s purse strings are tightened and many feel the pressure of their own financial needs, so we, too, are stretched beyond belief.  Many Haitians are suffering because those they have depended upon overseas have lost jobs; yet, we continue to dream and plan for a brighter day as God has promised!


President Martelly is struggling to move ahead because the Parliament and the Prime Minister are from the old regime.  They refuse to cooperate with his plans for a new government that is transparent and able to serve the people.  The old government still has the mindset of seeing what is in it for them and how they can continue with their old ways!   Pray for God’s choice Prime Minister.  Until he is in place, it seems former Presidents Aristide and Preval are still trying to undo any progress.


Since Aristide returned, voodoo has come to the forefront again.  Even young believers not grounded in the things of God are turning back to voodoo.  It’s really sad!  We are fighting against the gates of hell to root out the enemy so Jesus can really be Lord over Haiti by the power of His Spirit.


Please continue to pray for us that we will always be on the frontlines, encouraging our people to reach their destiny in Christ. 


This week, Rodolpho, Sherly and Olrich will return to Haiti to help lift our hands!  They are returning from Bible School with hearts full of faith, and expecting change in their people as they carry the Light of God’s Word back from SingaporePray for them and for our people to receive the vibrant life they now have to offer. 


Pray for continued safety during this hurricane season.  God is on the throne!  Only HE knows if we could handle another catastrophe at this time…





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