August 3, 2011 Haiti

Update August 3, 2011

I’m back!  We have had many challenging days since I wrote an update… many days with no electricity, no diesel to run generators, much rain so computers dependent upon satellite don’t always work.  Then, someone hacked into our website and it took some time to get that working properly again.   Most Haitians are discouraged with their living conditions and it takes a lot to keep them up!   We came home for a few days to catch up in Orlando and were scheduled to return on Friday.  The airlines contacted us to re-schedule our flight because of the impending storm headed to Haiti and perhaps continuing its path to Florida.  Isn’t life exciting?!!

I’m attaching July and August newsletters to catch you on the positive.  God is at work among us and the Kingdom of God is advancing.  Read on!  Please continue to pray for us.  We have great plans for the coming months and plan to expand our staff to help us carry the load of rebuilding a nation.  We have been alone for too long!


July 2011

Dear Family,

We trust your summer is going well.  In Haiti, it has brought heavy rains, and over 300 deaths from disease within two blocks of our house in Carrefour.  Cholera centers are overcrowded.    

To date, none of our members has been affected.  Willem, one of our young men, was taken to the cholera treatment center after complaining of diarrhea and fever, but was found to have eaten something bad.  People are in fear because the blowing dust has released a wave of new viruses and disease to our city.  Extreme heat, along with the rain, is a breeding ground for bacteria and sickness.  We must be ‘on duty’, declaring the Word of God that ‘no plague will come near our dwelling’ and ‘By His stripes we are healed.’ 

People are worn out and discouraged and change cannot come soon enough for most!  Their temporary housing and daily struggles are getting old.  Without encouragement from the Holy Spirit, we would never survive.  ‘He who abides in the secret place of the Most High will not only survive, but rest in His protection!’  We are blessed with His Word!

President Martelly has a huge job to bring much-needed change to government.  He and his wife are out among the people, encouraging them while investigations go on inside the government, exposing the corruption of past generations.  Last week, at midnight, during a horrendous downpour, he and his wife went to the tent camps and helped physically move the tenants from the mud to higher ground!  No one knew it was the President in the raincoat under an umbrella because he arrived with only two security guards in a truck, not a limousine!  It was quite impressive!  

Bringing order to this chaotic country is a huge challenge and the patience of the people is short after such a long wait.  He is working on many different angles all at the same time, but people expect him to fix everything overnight.  Please pray for him!  He needs so much wisdom from God to move forward. 

The church continues to grow spiritually! We keep our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith… to the end.  Our youth are rising up to God’s standard for living!  This week, we have a Word seminar for our kids to encourage them to rise above peer pressure, bring understanding about Godly relationships, honesty and purity to their hearts.  This is the generation that will lead this nation out of the old system into God’s way of living and thinking, Kingdom living!  We have youth pastors and 25 teens from the States to spend four days with our youth.  There is never a spare minute here!

We want to say ‘Thank You’ to you.  You are the reason we have such a great impact in Carrefour!  So many lives would have been lost without your prayers and giving.  Please help us with your greatest gift today so we can continue to feed the hungry, treat the sick, house the homeless and put a new roof on our church.  We must seize this moment to save souls! 

God bless you as you keep us on the frontlines.

Terry and Cary


August 2011

 Dear Family,

Church of Light continues to grow in the power of the Holy Spirit.  This summer has been a time of advancing the Kingdom of God.  All of the departments of the church have been canvassing the neighborhood, praying for the sick and encouraging people not to give up hope…  Jesus is their only answer!  Many have been encouraged to continue in the faith as times get more difficult. 

Our basketball team from FCA, now attend our church.  We have 34 players, two teams, reaching the community.  Many lives, including the players, have been saved and filled with the Holy Spirit.  It’s so exciting to see them every time the church doors are open, sitting with notebook in hand, learning God’s Word.  Several have commented that they never knew the Christian life could be so fulfilling!  That’s our goal!  When the team was put together, little did we know that we would ‘inherit’ them in the church. We are thrilled!  They, too, are so blessed because they have support they have never known on other teams.  Our people know how to pray… and in competition, they have done remarkably well not only because of skill, but because of prayer!

This month marks the graduation of our three staff members who went to Bible School in Singapore.  They have done really well and we can’t wait to receive them back with a new level of training!  Continue to pray for Olrich, Rodolpho and Sherly.  They are counting the days until they see home again! 

To date, President Martelly has had his hands tied to accomplish his vision for a new Haiti, plagued with the regime left over from Presidents Preval and Aristide who are still running the parliament.  There still is no new Prime Minister.  Each candidate presented by President Martelly has been rejected because he wants to get rid of the corruption.  With many years of stealing and pillaging, the government corruption goes deeply into every facet of society

Financial aid has not yet been released to Haiti and the people suffer more.  It’s hard on us! We are not controlled by the government and can advance with our own building projects, but our contributions are depleted and we find it difficult to maintain what we have started.  At the same time, we cannot close our eyes to the severe needs of the people surrounding us.  

We continue to plan for a new tomorrow, believing God for millions of dollars necessary to do our part to see His will done in Haiti.  We see clearly that the government has affected the church for too long and it’s time for the church to take its stand and affect the government!  We, the church, must set the example for a new mindset, break the spirit of slavery and show, by example, a new day dawning in Haiti.

We trust that in the coming months, we will be able to finish the church renovations, as well as the housing next to the church, purchase the surrounding land in the mountain so the beautiful housing development can begin!   Nothing happens fast here.  It really tests our patience! 

We are currently working with an architectural team who are giving us their best so each phase can be done with great excellence!  We are so excited about that.  Teams of professionals will come for a 3-month stay before being replaced with a new team, trained to follow up with what is started.  The companies where these men work have agreed to let them take the time off!  They will not stop until the entire project is completed! God is good!  It’s taken some time to get these quality workmen connected, but it will be worth it in the end.  Please pray we can get materials out of customs easily.  This, too, has been a hang-up since the old government still wants control of the customs and our previous connections there don’t have the freedom they once had to help us.

Pray for our people.  With the rainy season comes much sickness.  Malaria rears its ugly head and many suffer. 

Every day is a challenge, but we know WE WIN! 

From the frontlines,

Terry and Cary

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