August 5, 2011 Haiti

Update August 5, 2011


Thank you for praying…  Tropical Storm Emily did not affect anything in our area.  We kept in touch with our people throughout the time it was supposed to be at its worst and they continued to report that there was a little wind and the sun was shining!  We praise God there was not a deluge of water in the tents in our city.  He IS Faithful!


I must report on Invasion again.  It’s fun to see these young men watch the numbers climb!  Today, when I went to our YouTube back office, City on our Knees was at 6,308 views and Break Open the Sky was at 1,799 views.  We hope to have more downloads within the next week or so…  Watch for them!


This experience with Invasion has been very revealing to us how far-reaching their ministry is.  We have now been seen in every continent, in 65 different countries and in 41 States in the U.S. 


We are only missing nine States.  If you know people in Alaska, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont or West Virginia, please send them the above links to these videos and let’s cover the entire United States!  If you know others in other countries of the world, please send them the links as well.  I’ll keep you posted!


I have had to look at a map to find where some countries are located!  Today, we added Oman to our list!  When I return to Haiti next week, I will take a large world map with me and, together with the guys in Invasion, will mark every country where they have been viewed and share it with the church! This is only the beginning of touching the nations with the life of Jesus from Haiti!   It’s educational for them as well! 


One day, we will post other groups from Church of Light on YouTube, along with drama presentations and the children’s choir.  Our church must learn about a much bigger world that Jesus came to save!


He’s Alive, and we know it!



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