December 12, 2010 Haiti

Update December 12, 2010

Church of Light was full today.  People were anxious to get back to church.  Haitians are talking about striking again tomorrow, asking for Jude Celestin to be removed from the ballot.  The airport is still closed; we plan to return this weekend. 

Attached is the December newsletter.  Thank you so much for standing with us during these difficult times.  He is the God of hard times!


Dear Family,

It’s hard to believe how fast 2010 has gone!  Much has happened in Light Ministries and yet, so little in the nation of Haiti as a whole. 

November 28 was Election Day.  Most churches on the main street were closed, including ours.  Before we were even out of bed in the morning, the young people in our yard decided they were going to have church and began setting up the chairs for about 20 people!  The numbers grew as they went out to tell others in the neighborhood that we were having service here.  Nearly 60 people came  God moved powerfully and many were encouraged to find their destiny.  We believe God set our next team of leaders in place!  We were so excited!  Even our visitors from the States were ministered to!  It’s such a joy for us to see God’s hand at work; even when the church doors are closed, the people find their way to our yard because they want more of God! 

Regarding the elections, there were 56 places set up to vote.   One candidate sent his people to the voting booth to fill up the boxes with his ballots.  Several people were killed in drive-by shootings as they were waiting to vote.  A lot of people went to vote but didn’t know there was a list posted outside with names on it.  They waited for hours to get inside to vote, only to find their names were not on the list and they were at the wrong place!  The government had changed the polling stations so people didn’t know where to go!   The government said it was not true, but one of the candidates went to vote and couldn’t find his name on a list!  Twelve candidates represented 60% of the votes and, at 12:00, they cancelled the election because there was so much fraud and only 3% of the population had voted, so that meant there was no election… 

In spite of that decision, there are still three candidates running for office, set for final election on January 16.  The President’s choice, Celestin, will only continue to cover the corruption of this present administration and the people are tired of it!  Today, the country is ‘shut down’ as the people demonstrate in the streets to have this candidate’s name removed from the ballot and/or have President Preval arrested because of fraud and corruption.  It is not safe to be on the streets.  Continue to pray.  This is the Haiti that must change!

God has everything in His hands!  The faith and vision we carry for Haiti does not diminish; it only increases.  With all the challenges we face, God is still greater!   This is Haiti’s time!  We pray corrupt leaders and their deceit will be totally exposed; we pray for the destruction of our enemies and continue to declare that Jesus is Lord over Haiti!  We’re not moved by what we see, but by what God has promised…a new Haiti!

We are steadily making progress in Carrefour to rebuild.  Four of the nine homes are up on our property next to the church and five more houses, a clinic, bath/laundry house, kitchen/dining room and water treatment facility are being shipped to our mini village, with beautiful landscaping to follow.   Our people are coming together to be educated about new building materials and modern facilities for Haitians.  This mini-village will allow us to train people how to use toilets, appliances and modern equipment, powered by solar energy as a prototype for City of Light and all of Carrefour.

God continues to move in our services.  New people are being converted and added to the church continually.  Whole families are being saved and touched by the power of God!  It blesses us to see such hunger and to see increased hope as they believe for change!

Instead of our food and toy distribution this Christmas, we will distribute food and school supplies to our children and youth, with a special program for them, encouraging them to pursue their education. School is so expensive and many have been unable to continue because they lack the necessary books or supplies.  Remember, there is no public education. 

We have seen a great change in the Haitians this year:  They are more practical, desiring school supplies instead of clothing and toys.  Few even have a place in their make-shift homes to put anything extra.  Thanks for helping us accomplish this huge project. 

As we celebrate Christmas this year, we pray that you and your family will have the greatest revelation of why Jesus came the first time!  The time is ticking before He comes again; we must be about our Father’s business…  We must know Him and move by His Spirit in these last days. 

‘Those who know their God will be strong and do great exploits!’  We recently had a visitor in our home who told his friend when he left, ‘Those people know the God they talk about!”  May that always be said of each of us… 

Merry Christmas from the frontlines!

Terry and Cary

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