December 17, 2010 Haiti

Update December 17, 2010

Time has gone so fast since I last wrote.  We were unable to go to Haiti because the airport was closed; it is now open and we will leave Orlando at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow! 

While home, some friends opened their condo in St. Petersburg, FL to us because they said we deserved rest!  We knew we needed rest, but thought we must return to Haiti because of all the unrest expected after elections. God knew better and He allowed us some days of rest.  Terry and I had time to talk and plan and really enjoy each other’s company like we rarely have these days.  We slept so well and actually caught up a bit on sleep!  We know the minute we arrive, there are many things waiting for our attention.

Because of the strikes, businesses and transportation came to a halt, resulting in a loss to Haiti’s economy of over $280 million during this past week! 

Next week, we will do two special children and youth programs with our son, Aaron, for about 1500 young people.  There will be games and activities, drama, dance teams and a message from God about respecting themselves, running from temptations and keeping themselves pure, so they can be an honor to God and fulfill His destiny.  Please pray for this program.  We believe it will be life-changing for those attending and pray for many to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Every day and every event is an opportunity to let them know why Jesus came…to destroy the works of the evil one, and to give them LIFE!


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