February 12, 2010 Haiti

February 12, 2010

Because there are so many people joining us now, I wanted to share our monthly newsletter, recapping what has happened in Haiti over the past month… We rejoice at what God has done in the midst of this horrible situation.


It has been one month since the earthquake brought devastation to Haiti.  Carrefour, the epicenter of the 7.0 Earthquake, has been nearly destroyed.  Over 200,000 people died in our area and were loaded into dump trucks and buried in mass graves.  Many others died of heart attacks from fear and extreme exhaustion.  The stench of death was everywhere for many days. 

We lost two of over 1000 people from Church of Light in Carrefour.  Stephanie, one of our worship leaders, who was studying to become a doctor, was trapped in her home.  She was rescued and taken to the hospital; there was no doctor, and she died. 

Just days after Stephanie died, her sister shared with the church: “I know if my sister was here, she would be at the clinic helping everyone.” 

Stephanie’s sister had a dream about her going to heaven and Steve, (a young man, 22 years of age, who recently passed away from heart problems) met Stephanie in Heaven and was giving her a tour.  And then she heard Stephanie say, “Tell everyone there is nothing to fear when you know Jesus and get ready because Heaven is a real place and you want to be ready!  Serve God with all that you have because Jesus is coming soon!”  The people wept and rejoiced at the same time. 

Another woman from the church had a baby who died when heavy rubble buried him. 

Hundreds of people, now homeless and destitute, found their way to our yard in search of water and food and shelter.  Since that day, we have had up to 100 people ‘living’ in our yard!  Up to 50 people at a time have headquartered in our house as they do medical clinics, construction work and video productions.

Every day, we hear testimonies of those in our church who survived at their jobs, schools, factories and homes.  God’s hand is on His people, and this is our time to shine!  (Attached are some highlights of the many wonders God has performed!) 

It has been difficult to find daily food, water and gas, but every day we see the hand of God providing for us. Our cooks whom we have trained over the years are cooking for visiting teams on the inside, and our Haitian ladies are preparing rice and beans for the Haitians in our yard! 

Our house and church are still standing!  The house now serves as a hotel and the church, a clinic!  It is such a testimony to our neighborhood that angels held up our buildings, when all around us, there is nothing safe to enter. 

We are running clinics at several locations.  Hundreds of people are waiting in line when the doors open each morning. God has blessed us with good doctors; the people are so happy to have a free clinic available.  Many have needed medical attention for a long time, but had no money!  Every day, 500-600 seriously sick and injured patients are receiving care. 

In Leogane, Pastor Milien’s church for 1500 collapsed, along with the school for 2500 students.  Only 10% of the buildings in Leogane are still standing.  Where do you start to rebuild? 

We are challenged daily as we put pieces together to build a new Haiti, a vision we have carried in our hearts for many years.  God told us in 1984 He was sending us to Haiti to establish His kingdom and, that through Light Ministries, all of Haiti would be saved as we re-built the country. Never did we think it would come as a result of an earthquake! 

There is still much confusion and, with no Emergency plan in place by the government, God has sent Emergency Management people from the States to help us.  Despite the fact that everyday we are promised things that never materialize, Terry has found special favor everywhere he goes…

The Mayor has given Terry the KEY to the City of Carrefour!  When the Mayor is unavailable, people are sent to Terry.  Our teams also are experiencing God’s favor as they work every angle of this relief effort. 

Medical teams are coming every week from as far away as Singapore!  One team leaves and another comes!  We are so proud of our Haitian people!  They are really ‘pulling up’ to serve visitors as they arrive.  All the training is really paying off these days! 

We must now begin to focus on housing.  The people are wandering around, not knowing where to go or what to do.  Where do you start?   It is so pathetic.  We have been given two large tents that will act as Command Center, Church, Housing or whatever is needed most when they are set up!  We also have 200 family tents on their way today.

We have found a piece of land where we could set up a “tent city” but it may cost as much as $1,000,000 before it is done, with the price of land ($700,000 asking price), plus water, plumbing and electricity. Then we will need to find food and water daily.  It’s an awesome job!  If we can purchase this property, we can put the families in tents and begin immediately to construct permanent housing on the land.  The rainy season is nearly here and we must find quick shelter for our people!

We have four trucks on the boat on the way to Haiti, which will help us clean up, deliver food and begin to rebuild roads and buildings. 

We had an EMERGENCY. We needed a diesel generator to keep the work going.  We found one in Miami for $19,900. To that, we had to add about $5,000 for shipping and customs.  We had to raise this immediately!  The trucks were on their way to the boat the next day; if we acted fast, we could get it on the same boat as the trucks! We cannot function without a generator! Matthew 18:19 says ‘If two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.’  We put out a plea online and said ‘Let’s agree for this need to be met today!  The next day, every dollar had come in from Austria, Switzerland and the States and the generator was on the boat PAID IN FULLovernight!   

We must think BIG!  Huge customs fees have been lifted temporarily, so we must work now to bring in equipment and vehicles: concrete crushers, dump trucks, bulldozers, front-end loaders, bobcats, concrete mixers, buses and vans.  Pray for connections and BIG money.  We have many skilled volunteers to do the job, but we need the equipment!  There is so little to work with.

Our website is up.  Please visit us at www.lightministriesinc.org and keep up with the daily updates.  Every day, we see the miracles of God on our behalf!  If you don’t have a computer, please find someone who can keep you updated on what we are encountering.   This is a huge challenge for us, but at the same time an adventure in faith! 

We want to personally thank each of you for the way you are spreading our news.  Money is coming in from several countries!  It is going out fast too!  Right now, it is being used primarily for food, fuel, medical equipment and supplies, vehicles and shipping.  We are SO grateful! 

The airport is still closed, so people have to come through the Dominican Republic to help us. This is another big expense of time, money and energy.  

The Haitian people are strong.  Pray for them.  They don’t sleep well.  There is much anxiety and pain.  This is a lot for them to endure, when they already had so little. 

Continue to pray for us!  We are doing our best to keep this operation going from both ends.  As we said at the onset of this ordeal, we need two things…prayer and money and LOTS of both!!!  Thank you for teaming up with us.  We honestly couldn’t do what we are doing without YOU!  

Haiti will once again be a tropical paradise, a showplace for the nations, a place where Jesus is King!  You will see it come to pass.

On the frontlines,

Terry and Cary



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