February 10, 2010 Haiti

Update February 10, 2010

Terry made it home!  It’s good to have him here, although he is running or on the phone or in meetings most of the day.  In between interruptions, I ‘interview’ him:  Tell me about…’ ‘What about…?’ I am getting a better feel of what is in his heart and what he has seen in our neighborhood in Carrefour.

There are so many amazing testimonies about the power of God and the presence of his angels.  There are also many devastating situations that most people could not endure.  He saw people walking with broken legs or standing in lines for hours to see a doctor with bones protruding from their skin, some limbs swollen from blood and fluid for days.  Most people would have passed out and given up.  Countless dehydrated babies were trying to find milk from dehydrated mothers and children with fingers smashed by cement blocks, dazed by the immunity of pain

We are so grateful for the many medical teams who have come to help our hurting people!  Every person who comes to the clinic is prayed for and all are encouraged that they are not forgotten.  The most amazing thing to Terry was to see so many Haitians willing to smile with gratitude that someone would take care of them. 

Terry said, “Sometimes when I sit and have two minutes to think about all that has happened, it seems like a week is a day!  Many times I have to fight off the emotions that have been pushed back all day from having to deal with the demands of my time and energy necessary to put strategies in place. God has been so faithful to grace me with His presence and comfort, when so many need comforting.  You really don’t have time to think about yourself.  It brings tears to my eyes many times as I think about how many people’s lives have been spared by the hand of God.”

Stephanie, the young worship leader from our church, had a bright future; she was about to graduate from medical school.  You will remember, she was trapped in her house, then rescued and taken to the hospital.  There was no doctor there.  She told Olrich she was ok.  Later that afternoon, we learned she had died. 

Sunday morning, just days after Stephanie died, her sister shared with the church about Stephanie dying.  “I know if my sister were here, she would be at the clinic helping everyone.” 

Stephanie’s sister had a dream about her going to heaven and Steve, (a young man, 22 years of age, who recently passed away from heart problems) met Stephanie in Heaven and was giving her a tour.  And then she heard Stephanie say, “Tell everyone there is nothing to fear when you know Jesus and get ready because Heaven is a real place and you want to be ready!  Serve God with all that you have because Jesus is coming soon!” 

The people wept and rejoiced at the same time.  That really ministered to those who knew her so well. 

I want to share more in the coming days about our people and what they experienced when the earthquake rocked their little world on January 12.  God is speaking through His prophets about Haiti’s condition and what it will take to see His destination for Haiti come to fulfillment.  That’s another story.

God has a plan for these precious people and we are finding it.  Haiti’s future looks bright in spite of the struggle at the moment.




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