February 12, 2010 Earthquake Testimonies

Earthquake Testimonies – Carrefour, Haiti

Rodolpho worked in the UN Office, a computer man.  He had gone to the airport on assignment.  Since his job was done there early, he went home.  When he arrived home, he learned that the UN building had collapsed.  There were the only 2 survivors out of about 100 people…he and another Christian woman!  Rodolpho always had difficult times with his co-workers, especially his boss, a Muslim, who constantly came against him.  This boss would play his music loudly, so Rodolpho put his worship tapes on at his desk.  Oh, how this boss hated that!  It seemed everything Rodolpho did, his boss would try to undermine.  Today, his boss is dead while Rodolpho is going on with God. 


– Rodolpho’s wife, Sherly, was in class on the top floor of her school.  She was sitting in the back row when the teacher called her to the chalkboard.  As she got up to walk to the front of the room, the whole back wall and floor up to where she was standing, fell off!   In a moment, God took Sherly out and she found herself standing in the schoolyard as the school collapsed.  She is one of our Worship leaders and all she can do is praise God! 


Janice, a factory Supervisor, survived while over 800 people were trapped, and died, in the collapsed factory building.


Our Mayor went with our team of doctors, opened the gate to a collapsed hospital and assisted in finding medical equipment for us for our clinicMuch of what they found was new and still under plastic, because the Haitian doctors didn’t know what to do with it; it was too modern!  Our doctors know what to do with it!  The hospital is crumbling, but two other buildings on the property are safe and can be used.  The Mayor of Carrefour cleared us to be able to do whatever we want here.  One building will be used for surgery and another already has 8 exam rooms and a reception area!  They also have a generator available for our use!  


– The U.S. Marines came with over 10,000 jars of baby food! Whatever we receive, we immediately distribute.  To watch how God provides for our people every day is exciting!


– Our generator was down.  We had city power for 24 hours… only on our street!  We know Haiti; this is not normal!  God is good!


– The country is ripe for salvation.  Our people are praying with people everywhere and they are giving their lives to Jesus!  It’s such a joy to see the Haitians reaching Haitians, our dream fulfilled!  In two days, our evangelism teams saw 272 people receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior!  Over 1000 have received Christ in the clinics and on the streets since this happened!


– A 28-year-old rice vendor survived under the rubble for 27 days!  He told the doctors that someone “in a white coat” brought him water while he was pinned down…  Angels have been dispatched on behalf of the Haitian people! 


– A 5-year-old boy was trapped under the rubble of his house for three days. His mother asked if he was scared.  He said, “No! An old man came every day and brought me food and water and crackers!”  When they dug the young boy out, he wanted to go back and find his friend, the old man.  The rescue workers kept digging and found nobody, no old man!  Angels on assignment! 


– Today, one of our teams visited the Mother of a little girl, Alexandra, 3-l/2 years old.   She said that the day of the earthquake, Alexandra was dug out of the debris.  A cement block had fallen on her head; her head was wide open.  You could see her skull.  She passed away.  They put a tag number on her and threw her on the pile of dead bodies.  Her mother said, “I won’t accept that!”  She took the tag off and laid it on her Bible and said, “Jesus, I won’t accept this. I have two babies and I won’t let one of them die!”   The neighbors teased her and said, ‘Why did you never pray like that before?”  She said, “Shut up! I won’t listen to you when I have to use my faith.  Nobody can stop me!”  Five minutes later, the baby coughed and came alive!  The team wept today as they held Alexandra in their arms! 









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