February 13, 2011 Haiti

Update February 13, 2011

For nine months, I have waited for this day… 

Immediately following the morning service, Olrich, Rodolpho and Sherly began the first leg of their long journey to Singapore.  (This was Sherly’s first flight!)  They will be in Orlando with us until Thursday, then leave for Singapore for Orientation in the School of Theology.  Classes begin March 14.  

While there, they will not only study the Bible, but have unlimited opportunities to observe this large church (34,000 members) in action!  City Harvest Church is a strong local church with unbelievable outreaches to the community and the world.

During their stay, they will experience a totally different culture, many different languages and people.  Their desire is to bring back a portion of this experience to our church in Carrefour and to the development team for a new Haiti

This will be exciting for them as the first Haitians with such an opportunity!  Six months goes so fast for us, but pray for them that they don’t get homesick while in Asia.  (We have traveled with others to the States and Europe and they often get homesick!) 

Please pray for Olrich, Rodolpho and Sherly as they embark on this life-changing adventure that they would experience God in a new dimension and return more mature in Him!  God saw their faithfulness and blessed them with this rare opportunity!  The greatest thing is,  they were already good friends and now are going to the other side of the world togetherIsn’t God wonderful!

We believe this is just the beginning of God’s rewards to our members who have proven themselves faithful!  Faithfulness is not something you ‘manufacture’!  It’s either real or not.  We never know when foreigners visit us what they are observing in the Haitians…  This speaks ‘volumes’ to us!

Yesterday, Invasion was invited to dance for Kenneth Merten, Ambassador to the Republic of Haiti.  He came to Carrefour to meet with the Mayor regarding roads.  While on site, Invasion danced “City on our Knees” and it was picked up by the news media and on local television last night!  Please pray for these young men that they, too, would be faithful and realize how much God wants to use them in rebuilding a new Haiti. 

God’s Spirit is moving!   I’m so grateful He has chosen to involve us in His plan! 


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