February 14, 2010 Haiti

Update February 14, 2010

What a wonderful service we had today!  Normally, Church of Light begins at 8:00 a.m.  We moved the school bus from the yard to have extra room.  By 7 a.m., the entire yard was full to capacity and the street was full outside the gate!  We had a tremendous time of worship!  Terry shared what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.  Some come because of fear, some can now see voodoo has no power, and some come because the Holy Spirit is tugging at them to give their hearts to Jesus Christ.  When the altar call was given, 63 responded to receive Jesus as their Lord.  After the service, more than 30 were water-baptized, signifying their desire to follow Christ.  Continue to pray for genuine, lasting  decisions!

There was a problem today with food distribution. Haitians in control decided we couldn’t give food to everyone, only to those who lost their homes.  Our people have all lost their homes!  We have been distributing it to our whole neighborhood.  How can we give food to one family and not to their neighbor? Before long, we would have a major riot!  Everyone needs food and water every day!  The rules seem to change each day and no one knows who is in charge!  It’s a mess!

We are seriously checking into the possibility of pooling our resources, then buying food in the DR and transporting it here, while others fight over free food!  We really need you to pray about the food situation.  Everybody wants to ‘take’ and no one wants to ‘help’.  People lie about how many orphans they are taking care of…  One man today said he had 550 children to care for.  When we checked up on him, he had about 22 people in five little tents in his yard!  This, too, is an issue… Haitians want to make business from what is handed to them.  They are not interested in meeting the needs of others.  No wonder the earth is still trembling!    

When Light Ministries distributes food, we take photos of everyone receiving their food, have them sign for it and thus have accurate records of who we are serving and how many.  We must be responsible.  It’s a big job, but we must do it right!

Tomorrow means an all-day round trip to the port to check the status on the trucks.  Because Terry’s name is on the paperwork, he must be there early in the morning to clear the way for them to be released. He is tired!  Please pray, not only for him, but all of our staff who have worked endlessly since the earthquake.  They have had NO rest and are showing signs of fatigue! 

We don’t want to become weary in ‘well-doing’, for we know if we don’t faint, we will reap from the abundance of the Lord.  Continue to pray for favor, for health, strength and life throughout each day.  Thanks.  We NEED you!


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