February 15, 2010 Haiti

Update February 15, 2010

God revealed this Word to us many years ago as He laid out His plan to rebuild Haiti.

 “…you must go with this people to the land which the Lord has sworn to give them,  and you shall cause them to inherit it.”  (Deuteronomy 31:7)

Today, Terry met with the Mayor again.   He is very interested to see our plan for Haiti.  Now, he put us on a committee to implement God’s Plan

On Wednesday, this committee will lay out strategy to rebuild Carrefour.  We are thrilled that another Spirit-filled Pastor in the area is among this group of leaders!  The great thing the Mayor expressed today was: What we are looking for is not those with big names and positions, but individuals with a heart to help!  Through them, we will find those with expertise!

It is an awesome responsibility, but it must happen through people like us to be able to help the people of Carrefour.  Pray for God’s Plan to come to pass quickly, so we can begin rebuilding. 

Shortly before this happened, I was taking measurements of the large stage wall of Church of Light, where we would put huge lettering…

“Arise, shine for your LIGHT has come!

And the glory of the Lord is risen upon YOU.”

Isaiah 60:1

It will be some time before we see this sign on the wall of the church, but the message rings true!  It is time for Haiti to arise and shine…  for the glory of the Lord is rising on these people!  If you continue in that chapter it says…

“For behold the darkness shall cover the earth,  and deep darkness the people; But the Lord will arise over you,  and His glory will be seen upon you…” 

This is Haiti’s day!   This is Carrefour’s day!  Carrefour means “Crossroad” or “Intersection”.  From this City, will come the LIGHT, which will spread out to the nation, the surrounding islands and to the nations of the world.  Jesus will be seen in this process and others will come to the LIGHT.  

We have experienced the extraordinary Presence of God over the past years, but we know it is nothing compared to His Glory, which is about to be revealed throughout all of Haiti!  We continue to yield ourselves to the Spirit of God and let Him do what He desires to do in and through us.  We rejoice among the ruins because He has a plan to rebuild the ruined cities and He will send help our way.


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