February 16, 2010 Haiti

Update February 16, 2010

Today is another day to rejoice!  As we move about, God is leading us to people and places that we believe have been reserved just for us

This morning Terry and Fito, a member of our church, went in search of land in the mountain above Carrefour.  To their surprise, they found a nice piece of land – about 3 carreau.  (The main unit for land measurement in Haiti is the “Carreau”.  One carreau = 1.29 Hectare or 3.19 Acres).  So, this land is over 9.5 acres…big enough to build a development… a City on a hill that cannot be hid, a beacon of light, overlooking Carrefour! 

We have ministered to the people on this mountain since settling in Carrefour in 1984.  Everyone knows us here!  We claimed this entire mountain for the Kingdom of God.  Now, years later, we find land still available on this mountain

After looking at land in our area, ($400,000-700,000 for a lot), we decided to branch out and find not just a lot, but space for a City!  Land is at a premium.  The land we found today is big enough not just for housing, but a church, ministry center, children’s home, schools, businesses, or whatever God directs us to do.  This is part of the vision we have for 16 communities throughout Haiti.  This area needs to be a model for others to see! 

What do we need to secure this land?  $100,000.  That’s right.  $100,000 for a 9.5-acre piece of mountaintop!  $100,000Can you help?  Our people can settle on the mountain while Carrefour is being bulldozed!  The sooner we have it, the sooner we can begin setting up tentsPray!  Please ask God what you can do to meet this need quickly.  We can hardly believe this! What else is waiting for us?     

We need to minister to all the new believers… nearly 700 in the past week!  They need much training in God’s Word. We have been raising up teachers and leaders for some time.  It’s an awesome responsibility, but God is so great, and His Holy Spirit is our ‘Private Tutor’!  We must follow His lead so our heads don’t get in the way!  Pray for wisdom, health, strength and life!  We need it all! 

We are Servants of our God.  Through us, the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations (Isaiah 61).  Haiti will have a new name, a new identity.  This is just the beginning! 


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