February 17, 2010 Haiti

Update February 17, 2010

The airport is expected to open Friday, with limited arrivals.  The old airport will be taken down and American Airlines will take over the Cargo area and make it their own.  People are eager to come to help.  Please be patient.  It is still imperative that we receive medical teams and preliminary construction teams first.  Then we will know what kinds of teams are necessary and how to utilize them. 

We have an Engineer on the team right now. These men have been examining our buildings and have a plan to strengthen and enlarge our house to be able to accommodate more visitors coming to help the people.  Remember, there are no other buildings in our area to house anyone.

They also checked Light Auditorium, our church building, and determined that it can be saved!  The middle truss for the roof moved 9” off center.  With iron reinforcement and pouring new footings, we can reinforce the structure.  The Mayor said that he will give us permission to fix the building when he receives a letter from the engineer as to what needs to be done. 

That is good news! We have more room for services in this building than in our yard!  Now, we must have this team convince our church members that they don’t have to be afraid!  Maybe when they see a team of specialists begin the work, it will assure them it is safe!!!  Pray!

The doctors and nurses doing the clinic tell us that many people give their lives to Jesus every day!  One man came to the clinic and tried to make up something that was wrong with him!  There was nothing wrong with him; he just wanted to find Jesus!  When they asked him why he really came, he said he knew if he could just get to the clinic, there would be someone there to lead him to Jesus! 

We are so grateful for the Christian doctors and nurses that God is sending to us.  They have a desire not only to meet the medical needs of the patients, but their spiritual needs as well.  It is a joy for us to find others with the same heart!

In the States, we continue to coordinate teams of people with vehicles, equipment, medical supplies, professional services, books and documentaries about Light Ministries in Haiti.  Pray for us as we connect all these things. 

We must keep the faces of this nation before the world as we see Haiti move off Page One of the news.  It will be a long process to rebuild.   We need you!  We need your continued prayers and financial support.  We cannot do it alone. 

We praise God for His faithfulness to us.  We rejoice for we know that, out of the rubble, we will see only Him! 



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