February 2, 2010 Haiti

 Update February 2, 2010 

As fast as we are receiving food, we are giving it out!  The military is delivering a good supply, and then sending people to us to get food for their families.  Today we gave out 5,000 meals; tomorrow 10,000. We are renting trucks to deliver food throughout Carrefour. It will be great when our own trucks arrive! 

Local Pastors whom we can trust are aiding us in feeding the hungry people in their areas.  God is blessing His people in Haiti!  We are so grateful to have food available; many areas still have no food.  Pray the supply continues.  Pray for wisdom to distribute it efficiently.  Pray for our protection.  When people are hungry, they can get violent. This is no small operation! 

Tomorrow we will shift gears again!  The clinic will be operating from the destroyed hospital location and food will be handed out from the church.  Finding clinic space elsewhere was so timely!  Every day brings change and we must flow with the changes!

Terry is in the Dominican Republic tonight, and leaving early in the morning for Haiti with still more volunteers.  I got about two hours of sleep last night and sent our Haitian friend out today at 5:00 a.m. from Orlando with frozen meat so we can continue to feed the visiting medical and construction teams boarding at our house (sometimes up to 50)!  We know we can trust the meat from here!  We also packed bags full of car parts.  Our vehicles are getting a workout!  Whenever we hear someone from here is going to Haiti, we pack a bag or two of supplies for us…it really helps on the other end!  God continues to prove HE IS GOOD and His mercies endure forever!

Today, I have meditated on something I received from a friend of ours in South Africa early this morning.  It says what we know our assignment is in this hour:  This is your year as you Master every Disaster for His Kingdom.  We have gone through very difficult times over the years, but in so doing, we have developed a relationship with the Spirit of God that we wouldn’t trade for anything!  It’s because of that, we can confidently say ‘We are able to go out and take the country, to possess the land from Carrefour to the sea. Though the giants may be there our way to hinder, our God has given us the victory!’ (A little song we taught our Bible School students in the ‘80’s)   We have been equipped to ‘master this disaster’ for the Kingdom of God.  This is our day and we know it! 

Continue to pray that we will not grow weary.  We need God’s strength, health, wisdom and life for this assignment. 

Please continue to spread the good news that God is on the scene in Haiti!  Please continue to have your Churches, Schools, Bible Study groups, friends and families get involved financially.  This is a huge undertaking and will cost millions, even billions, of dollars before we are finished! 

Don’t forget to send everyone you know to our website www.lightministriesinc.org for daily updates and a clear understanding of what God called us to do many years ago… to re-build a nation!  Little did we know that we would physically be doing just that!

We need you praying and giving and sharing God’s heart for the Haitians so we can remain on the field doing the job!  You know us; we will stretch every dollar as much as is possible.  Thanks so much.



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