February 20, 2010 Haiti

Update February 20, 2010

Our precious missionary friends, Bobby and Sherry Burnett, from Love a Child gave us 200 boxes of food today.  In these boxes are the packets from Feed My Starving Children.  To these packets, you only need to add boiling water and each should serve up to 6 people.  The beautiful thing about this nutritious, high-protein food is that, in one month, malnourished children lose their red hair, a sign of severe malnutrition.  We will use this to supplement whatever rice and beans or MREs we receive.  God is good!  He will never forsake His hungry children! 

The clinic began early this morning.  The team from Singapore was up at 5 a.m. and set up at 6 a.m.  We couldn’t believe they were up and eager to start so early!  (Remember, it took two days for them to get here from Singapore). The need for medical care is ongoing.  This team is well-equipped for the challenge!  They saw 240 patients today.   

The team shared with us today that, when the first team returned to Singapore, the news media wanted to interview them for two weeks about what had happened in Haiti.  After this television exposure, their practices grew so fast they could hardly keep up with business!  The Surgeon from that team has tripled his business!  He has been asked to lecture on how he dealt with what he found in Haiti!  The team came to serve; little did they know that when they returned, they would be raised up as authorities in their fields, and God would bless them beyond anything they could ask or think!  He will always honor those with a pure heart!

Our next thing on the agenda is to get a new satellite system.  This is a must!  Our phone and computer communication is getting worse.  With people coming from all over the world to help us, we are desperate to have good communication!  These professionals must stay in touch with their offices.  It is almost impossible to download anything on the computer.  When it is nearly done, the computer will just shut off, or the power goes off…  It is frustrating!  Pray that there is no complication with this hookup. 

We are looking forward to an anointed service tomorrow morning.  Our people always come, expecting God to move in ways they have never seen!  It’s because of this expectation, that He does just that!  Pray for hungry hearts; pray for those who have never met Jesus Christ to come to Him tomorrow.  Pray for many to receive the Baptism with the Holy SpiritPray for those who need healing to come!  Pray for those who need encouragement to come!  We know God will be there to meet every need!

His Church is growing!  We are happy to be a part of what He is doing in the earth today!  The time is short.  Jesus is coming soon!  We want to take all of Haiti with us!

Thanks for your support.  Thanks for your prayers.  Continue to pray for wisdom, strength, health and life for us as we continue to take our people to a new place…  We honestly couldn’t do it without YOU!


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