February 22, 2010 Haiti

Update February 22, 2010

At 4:30 this morning, another 4.7 earthquake, lasting just seconds, shook the house.  Everything that can be shaken will be shaken!  With all the aftershocks, houses that could be repaired may now have to come down.  Ours is still standing and we are so grateful!  

I was really blessed today to talk with Dr. Jennifer Chan, a General Practitioner, from Singapore.  She was one of the First Responders and said she just couldn’t forget Haiti! 

Jennifer was so impressed by the courage of eight-year-old Oscar, who, when the earthquake struck on January 12, was alone to pull his 18-month-old brother from the rubbleHis parents were away at work:  His mother, selling milk at the market, and his father, a tap-tap (taxi) driver.

Today, while his mother was with the little brother in another part of the clinic, Oscar found his way to Jennifer.  She shared the Gospel with him and he wanted to accept Jesus into his heart! 

Dr. Jennifer keeps a notebook of those she treats and prays for, so she can remember to pray for them when she returns home.  She asked Oscar to write his name and he could only write two letters.  She, then, asked him to draw a picture!  What a blessing for a little boy to have someone in his life who is sensitive to the fact that he has not been to school to learn how to write his name.  I’m sure he went away feeling like a little man! 

We have been blessed with many medical teams from all over the world who have come to assist. They have worked well together, even though cultures and languages differ.  We even had a team of four doctors, sent to us from the YWAM base in  St. Marc, Haiti

Speaking of St. Marc… Today we received word that the trucks arrived.  When Cinera went to get them out, he found them empty!  They went down there full of food, household supplies, bedding, clothing, medication, tarps, and tents.  Everything that was loaded inside them that could be lifted off was gone!  We don’t know yet what is left.  I believe the generator made it! I believe the Bobcat made it!  I don’t know yet about the building supplies. 

It breaks my heart that nothing is safe from thieves. Some people have no fear of God!  Pray!  This is the kind of stuff that wars against the soul.  Here we are, trying to help the people and they take it, like it is nothing!  What was to be a blessing becomes a curse!  They pay security guards; these people need to be accountable for everything that is stolen.  They cannot get by with this; it’s simply not right! 

Now, we must try to track down our shipment.  It’s disgusting!  Tomorrow, we will send ‘reinforcement’ to put pressure on those at the shipyard.  Nothing is easy in this country!  Every day is a fight!  We’ve come too far to give up!  We must keep our eye on the goalTo see Jesus reigning in the hearts of all the Haitian people!  Remember, He will uphold us with His righteous right hand! (Isaiah 41:10)


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