February 23, 2011 Haiti

Update February 23, 2011

The days go by so fast!  Since I last wrote, Rodolpho, Sherly and Olrich have ‘settled’ in Singapore.  It was a long trip with added delays in Los Angeles and Hong Kong, so their bodies are still adjusting to the 12-hour time change and jet lag. 

Singapore is a big adjustment for them. Nothing is comfortable – the language, the culture, the food, the school, the whole setting.  Terry and I are so proud of them that, even though they are strangers in a new land, they are seeking God as to where He wants them and what He wants them to learn there.  They love the school!  It’s intense but good! 

On Monday, Nikole and Annabelle left to go back to Minnesota, to a severe snowstorm, so their plane was delayed too.  Continue to pray for them for God’s direction in their lives.  They did so well in Haiti and are wondering if this is where He can use them in the future.

Regina, who was with us in Haiti for two months, went back for a short visit with family in Austria and, today, left for England where she will work for the next months.  She misses Haiti so much and wants to return in September! 

God is doing something special in these young adults and supernaturally connecting them with the Haitians.  With all that is just around the corner, we will need much more help and it’s good when they have already spent some time with us and understand a little of the culture and love the Haitian people!

I am in the office, getting the accounting in order for taxes!  This needs to get done too!  It made me weep today when I realized how many of you got involved financially after the earthquake.  Once again, I must say we couldn’t have done anything without you!  That was really an enormous undertaking (and still is!) 

We are still trying to work ourselves out of ‘survival’ mode, but must find food, water and housing for many yet…  It’s hard to make progress when there are such daily demands on us.  In all our dreaming and planning, we must never lose sight of those in need outside our door.   Many of you have remained faithful even after the initial shock wore off.  We are so grateful for you because expenses for us have really increased and, because we are growing every direction, there is so much more to do so it’s almost impossible to go out to raise new support.  Please pray that God will raise up others like you to support Light Ministries in Haiti.  

With each new challenge, I still claim Isaiah 41:10, ‘Don’t be afraid, for I am with you.  Do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you.  I will help you.  I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’   How we need His help!  How we need His strength!  How we need His direction as we face decisions unknown to us in rebuilding our city, both spiritually and physicallyIt’s good to know you are on our team!


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