February 27, 2010 Haiti

Update February 27, 2010

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At 7:00 this morning, Terry was to go with a Customs Director, coming from the countryside, to introduce him to an Official who could help release our trucks from Customs. 

He waited all morning and into the afternoon; the Director didn’t come.  Then word came that the rain was furious; noon looked as black as midnight!  He had encountered flash floods; dams had broken and he was stranded, unable to drive!  So, another day has passed and the trucks still have not arrived in Carrefour!  Pray!

This is a preview to the rainy season coming… the end of March into April!  Then comes hurricane season:  June 1 to November 30. 

Seasonal rains and hurricanes spell trouble for Haiti normally, but with hundreds of thousands of people living in flimsy shelters after the January 12 earthquake, this year’s dangers are much greater.  The condition of our area right now cannot handle either of them!      

We are so blessed to have tents for temporary shelter, but, even with them, it could be difficult to survive these stormy seasons.  If a hurricane hit Haiti head-on, the loss of life will be severe and every temporary housing camp would be wiped out.  We must get our ‘tent city’ set up as quickly as possible and, at the same time, begin thinking seriously about structures that are resistant to hurricanes, floods and landslides. 

Haiti is extremely vulnerable to these things, because most of its hillsides have been stripped bare.  This, however, is not true of the mountain property we have our eyes on.  There is still rich soil and good forestation on our mountain!  

Please continue to pray and to give so we can purchase this beautiful 9.5 acres of mountain land soonWe only need $88,000 to do it!  Each time it rains just a little, it is a challenge for our people to stay dry.   It breaks our hearts!  The tents are an answer to prayerNow, we just need land to set them up!  Our yard is too small. 

We must continually trust God, our Source of supply!  We haven’t even reached one plateau before we must stretch to another, because time is of the essence!  He has always challenged us to go beyond what makes sense to our minds!  

Continue to pray for wisdom and strength and health and life as we tackle these huge responsibilities.  Together, we are a team!  We can’t do it without you!

We remind ourselves, HE is our PEACE!!!




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