February 28, 2013 Haiti

Attached is our latest newsletter. Be blessed!

February-March 2013

Dear Family,

It’s a season of change before Spring comes. It’s a time for dying to self and a preparation for a new day dawning! It’s a season of transfer from death to life, a time for the promised transfer of wealth from the wicked to the righteous. It’s a season to exchange carnality for holiness, sickness for health, corruption for transparency!

God is having His way, however painful it is. We will come out on top and be prepared for the greatest demonstration of His power and blessing the world has ever seen. Sometimes, to pull up, get up and step out with Him seems like a dream, but what have you been preparing for all these years? And how will you respond to His command? ‘Yes, Sir, whatever You want.’

God has been showing Himself totally capable of perfecting the work He started. Just when you think you CAN’T, God says you CAN!

Now is the time to rise up and press forward and break through your walls of complacency, shame, doubt and laziness, to rise and do what you know you must. The Holy Spirit has been teaching you for this day! NOW is the time to pass the test and graduate to the next level! It is time to become a true child of God, unhindered and unencumbered by the lies and stench of this plastic world of emptiness.

Last week, 20 young people from Illumination, our drama team, were getting ready to practice. The lights were out and suddenly two bright lights came together and a huge angel appeared for all to see. As they looked with awe, describing to each other the size of his appearance, they were never to doubt again the reality that God is ever present and powerful! They began to worship and thank Him for that moment of opening their eyes to see the Angel of His Presence.

As we enter this month of Easter and focus on His resurrection, let’s open our eyes to see His presence and power around us and obey His instructions. Just as the stone was rolled away at the tomb, let us break free from old traditions and come out of our tomb to rise to be what He has created us to be. Let there be no delay, no excuse, no regrets; NOW is that time!

Thank you so much for putting your hands together with us in Haiti. May you experience the Angel of His presence right where you are! May the windows of heaven open over you and His blessings overtake you!

Have a wonderful Easter season!

From the frontlines,

Terry and Cary

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