February 4, 2010 Haiti

Update February 4, 2010

First of all, THANK YOU for coming to our rescue to find a generator overnight to get on the boat tomorrow!  Your love and support bless us! Gifts are coming in from everywhere…  I believe before this night is over, we will have the FULL amount, shipping included!  I will share the whole story when I know it is on the boat. We have never seen anything like this…God is good!  He is moving on people all over the world to help us and we are SO grateful!  The trucks left Orlando and made it to Miami tonight. 

The Production Team returned and is working feverishly to finish the documentary of what they experienced in the aftermath of Haiti’s earthquake, so it can be aired immediately on television.

I was curious how they were received by our people in Carrefour, when I got this from Dan.  I hope that gives you a view from a team member:  

We were so blessed by the help, food, electricity, water, and even a bed or place to put one…..  Especially after experiencing the conditions outside your yard…. We had more than most could ever say down there.  And your church members/help were so giving and always a pleasure to practice avec Francais (practice with French) –  Truly a well oiled machine, but we pray for a break for all of you, and the tent city with a steady flow of food support, through Ben’s/the Lord’s help,  will be a great start once in place….

–          it is nice to shower and shave at home without 10 doctors waiting!

God is bringing money to us from so many sources!  Oh, how He loves the Haitians!  I heard an amazing story today.  

Eli, a 5-year old boy was troubled when he heard about the earthquake in Haiti. He wanted to do something! His allowance was tiny and it would take so long to do anything.  Eli had an idea.  He would make cards to sell, and that’s what he is doing!  Each is hand drawn:  the Country of Haiti on the front, with Carrefour the only city noted… Inside is a picture of the Haitian flag and a scripture verse.  Eli is selling these cards in a pack of 4 for $5.00.  To date, this 5-year old has brought in more than $800 and they are still selling like crazy! 

The clinic is going well.  Of course, there is conflict coming from Haitian doctors and the Health Department because our doctors are doing so much for the people, and FREE!  The doctors coming to us paid their own way to save the people of Haiti.  The Haitian doctor in charge was very angry because he used to charge the people $5 when they entered the gate and we don’t.  Those waiting to see a doctor rose up against him; they were so mad!   They wanted to kill him!  They screamed at him ‘How can you treat these doctors like that?  Light Ministries is the only ones here to help the people.’  Before the day was over, it seems the conflict was taken care of.  Pray that it really was!

Today, the food ran out!  We are working on a lead to buy rice in the Dominican Republic.  Our trucks will come in handy to transport food!  It’s exciting: before the need is there, God has already made provision!  The DR produced too much rice this year and need to sell it cheap!  We will be in line if we have money and the vehicles and people to transport it into Haiti! 

In Daniel 11:32, we read “But the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.”  That’s us! We will take the available resources and cause multiplication to occur.  God has a plan here for prosperity.  He says in 3 John 2 “I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.”  It is His plan for all of us to prosper in every area of our lives.  Together, let’s see it happen…





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