February 7, 2010 Haiti

Update February 7, 2010

Church of Light (in our yard) was over-packed today!  There was barely room for one more!  Our people were free, dancing and praising God for all He is doing! 

Many were healed and 31 people gave their lives to Jesus! All of them had been ministered to at the clinic and came with one purpose, to be converted!  Together, the people took authority over fear. Jesus gave us authority over all the works of the devil.  Fear is one of them!  Pastor Terry preached,  ‘It’s time to get on with what God has in store for you, time to move toward your destiny, time to go ahead.  Don’t look back!  There is nothing to go back to…

…When God opens doors, you must walk through them while they are open.  If you don’t, you will miss the blessing that was waiting for you on the other side!  You must be led by the Spirit of God to move when He says to move, to stop when He says to stop!’ 

They left the service, determined to find His will for them in this new adventure!

Our visiting team really entered into the service and loved it.  There is nothing like worshipping together with our people…  their love for God… their exuberant praise… their freedom in worship… It’s an experience!   These teams represent many churches and are leaving excited about what is happening in Carrefour.  Many will go home to raise funds so we can build a city!  It’s a huge undertaking, but we know God is in it!  

After the service, we had enough baby food to give to all those with babies.  Those who didn’t receive food yesterday got food today!  After giving food to our members, there was enough left over for the visitors! 

We found more favor in many meetings. You know Terry: he hates meetings!  On the Base, they constantly replace soldiers; some go, some stay behind while new ones arrive. When the meeting was finished, the new Colonel took him by the hand and said ‘We’re going to help you.’ He said, ‘We don’t know who we can trust, but we KNOW we can trust you!  Favor!

Luke 2:52 says that Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.  We belong to Him; we are experiencing the same thing!  His favor surrounds us!

They call her ‘Captain P’.  She was very excited to have someone to help her get situated and learn how things function here.  Our military calls for Pastor Terry and ‘rolls out the red carpet’ when he arrives!  He has even more favor with this group than the last one!

Another Captain said he and his wife are Christians.  His wife, an educator, would like to work with us in Haiti. (Interesting fact: This Captain’s father was raised in Red Wing, MN, (the area where Terry was born and raised) and at the same time! 

U.S. and Haitian representatives who control the food were also at the Base.  The Colonel told them ‘You need to give this guy (Terry) the food!’  Favor!

The group from Singapore now wants to set up 300 water treatment locations.  The 200 tents they had made for us are on the way!  What a blessing!  The rainy season is coming soon…

We have had city power for 24 hours… only on our street!  We know Haiti; this is not normal!  With the generators so temperamental, we need it!  God is good!

Continue to uphold us in prayer.  We NEED you!  God is doing something so big and you are a vital part of it!

Terry is coming home for a few days this week to take care of business.  He will be busy…   Will I see him?  Not much!  I may have to stop him and say, ‘Hi, remember me?  I’m your wife!’  Actually, I am thrilled to be on a winning team!




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