February 9, 2010 Haiti

Update February 9, 2010

We are continuing to feed 10,000 Haitian regularly!

We have treated over 6,000 people in the clinic!

We have prayed for 150 people in the clinic to be born again!

Our evangelism teams are going out regularly.  Yesterday and today, they saw 272 people receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior!  Tomorrow morning, 20 new believers will meet for encouragement and training in God’s Word.

You probably heard on the news about the 28-year-old rice vendor who survived under the rubble for 27 days.  He was malnourished and dehydrated but had no serious injuries.  He told the doctors that someone “in a white coat” brought him water while he was pinned down…  Angels have been dispatched on behalf of these Haitian people! 

Today a mobile team went out house to house to see if anyone needed medical care.  They heard this story:  A 5-year-old boy was trapped under the rubble of his house for three days. His mother asked if he was scared.  He said, “No! An old man came every day and brought me food and water and crackers!”  When they dug the young boy out, he wanted to go back and find his friend, the old man.  The rescue workers kept digging and found nobody, no old man!  Angels on assignment! 

The team found a big camp of about 1500 people.  It was here, they heard this testimony from a Mother with a little girl, Alexandra, 3-l/2 years old.  The day of the earthquake, Alexandra was dug out of the debris.  A cement block had fallen on her head; her head was wide open.  You could see her skull.  She passed away.  They put a tag number on her and threw her on the pile of dead bodies.  Her mother said, “I won’t accept that!”  She took the tag off and laid it on her Bible and said, “Jesus, I won’t accept this. I have two babies and I won’t let one of them die!”   The neighbors teased her and said, ‘Why did you never pray like that before?”  She said, “Shut up! I won’t listen to you when I have to use my faith.  Nobody can stop me!”  Five minutes later, the baby coughed and came alive!  The team wept today as they held her in their arms! 

Our God is an awesome God.  He reigns from heaven above…  It is clear to see that He has great plans for this little island in the Caribbean.



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