January 1, 2011 Haiti

Update January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

We just came home from the most powerful News Year’s Eve service we have ever had!  The church was over-packed!  The people came with such expectancy!  The worship was ‘hot’!  The Word of the Lord was sharp and powerful! 

Again this New Year’s Eve, the Holy Spirit spoke prophetically what to expect in 2011.  He said things will get worse before they get better… don’t fear!  There will be very difficult times in January and February with more unrest, financial struggle and an unknown plague, not cholera, that will threaten the entire population.  Many will die; all foreigners will be asked to leave the country for fear of death, but God promised to protect us and keep us all alive, as we yield our hearts to Him, even as He did during the earthquake!    (Remember, The Spirit of God warned us early that disaster was coming and we must ‘Get ready.’  He used our church a lot after the earthquake because we were prepared by the Holy Spirit!) 

After the foreigners leave, God will step in!   In March, we will begin to see ‘Extreme Reversal’ and the shame the Haitian people have endured will be changed to ‘double honor’.  The country will begin to prosper and even produce jobs that draw many foreigners here,  looking for work!  It sounds like Isaiah to me!  God promised to restore all that the devil has done to this nation.  Streams will flow from the desert and Haiti will bloom as Israel has bloomed!  Even the Dominican Republic will receive blessing because of Haiti!

After God spoke so clearly, 11 people gave their lives to Jesus!  Then we shared communion.  The people rejoiced when they saw the video that Olrich produced, ‘Beauty will Rise’, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-R83k7BuWwU  and JP’s dance troupe, Invasion, performed ‘City on our Knees’.  It was so anointed!

From that point, the whole place broke free and, at midnight, they danced and sang ‘Haiti will be saved’.  In 2011, we will see that Jesus IS Lord over Haiti! 


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