January 13, 2011 Haiti

Update January 13, 2011

Tonight will be a night of victory as thousands of people come to the crusade with things that represent their past that they want to burn so they can see new life come forth.    

Into large barrels, they will dump personal items and worldly debris, as well as lists of things they are holding in their hearts, that they want to get rid of, such as unforgiveness, hatred, murder, sexual perversion, and jealousy.

Many of you tuned in last night for Live Streaming and had a difficult time.  It was due to the low electricity voltage which, hopefully, has been corrected by a stronger signal being created by running its own generator. 

Tonight will be a time of proclamation of victory, restoration and new beginnings…

Please go to http://www.radioreveil.org at 4:00 (EST) to attend with us!  On their home page, go to the bottom right, look for LC Player, click on the arrow by Radio Reveil and go down to TV Reveil and click.   Actually you can probably tune in about 5:00 EST since most crusades start late! 

Continue to pray!  Our counselors will be there to meet those who want to get saved and set free.  More later…


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