January 15, 2010 Haiti

Thanks for standing with us…


Attached is the newsletter. This is the latest update, January 15:


Yesterday we made contact!


JP is fine! Doesn’t want to come home. He’s having a good time with 40+ people living in our yard (which could grow to hundreds). Our house is standing but we don’t know how structurally sound it is yet since there are aftershocks every day. Ceiling fans are all down. Basically, everything is on the floor. They go in and out, but sleep in the yard on the ground, in the school bus, in the vans. Our Jeep is not totally demolished but fixable. As of now, we have water and are filtering it for everyone. There are still a few people from the church we have not heard from. Hopefully, today.

Just learned now that one of our young worship leaders, Stephanie, died. She was trapped in her home. Then rescued and taken to a hospital. There was no doctor there! She said she was ok. Now we hear she died, perhaps of internal bleeding.  A beautiful 26-year old, studying to be a doctor. Guess she’s singing and dancing in heaven now. Sad for me. These are my kids!!!


Another lady had three babies and one died, one broke an arm, one a leg. I guess our buildings are a testimony to everyone in our neighborhood since everything that was once so big is now flat.  We may have to tear ours down and start over. We just don’t know yet how sound any building is. The after shocks are happening often yet. Today those staying in our yard will continue to pray over the house and the walls that surround our property and minister to people as they come. They are sleeping on the ground, in the bus and vans, wherever they can get a little sleep. Each time they try to sleep, they are awakened by tremors.


One young man, Rodolpho, worked in the UN Office, a computer man. He had gone to the airport on assignment. Since his job was done there early, he went home. When he arrived home, he learned that the UN building had collapsed. He and one other woman were the only 2 survivors out of about 100 people! He always had difficult times with his co-workers, especially his boss, a Muslim, who came against him for everything he did. This boss would play his music loudly, so Rodolpho put his worship tapes on at his desk. Oh, how this boss hated that! Everything Rodolpho did, he would try to undermine. Today, he is dead while Rodolpho is going on with God. We are hearing so many stories like this.


Janice, a factory supervisor survived while over 800 people are still trapped in the collapsed factory building.


Every moment as our people gather together, we hear stories like this. We are so thankful that we have had the last years with them, warning them of impending danger, putting demands on them to ‘grow up’ because God was about to use them to bring the light of His Gospel to this nation. Little did we know what God was speaking through us… Today, we are at peace because we know they are equipped in the Word, in the Spirit to go where we cannot go. The country is ripe for salvation. Our people are praying with people everywhere and they are giving their lives to Jesus! It’s such a joy to see the Haitians reaching Haitians, our dream fulfilled!


Our staff is really rising to the occasion. It’s amazing how unselfish they have become. The people here are survivors and traditionally, they are very self-centered because of that. We are so blessed to have seen such spiritual growth in them over the past few years. They are banding together like we have never seen. The members of the church now living in our yard are policing our property against looters and praying and singing and encouraging each other. What a family they have become!


Terry is flying in Saturday and will have a medical team at one of the hospitals or our yard to treat people as we dig them out. Our old pick up has become the ambulance going to and from the hospital!




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