January 17, 2010 Haiti


Terry flew to the Dominican Republic yesterday, along with our son, Aaron.  There they were to hook up with the medical team:  2 Doctors from Singapore and 3 nurses and their Coordinator.  The team was delayed in New York airport and missed their flight to Santo Domingo.  This gave Terry extra time to shop for our ever-growing list of supplies and food.  The team arrived today and they are still shopping.  Someone directed them to a good Pharmacy so the doctors can go and find what they will need.  We bought 2 inverters to run the medical equipment for the team.


It stinks so bad that we need access to hospital supplies.  Surgical-quality masks are essential.  Normal dust masks are not enough.


Gas in Haiti is now $100 USD per gallon, so they will try to get some cans of gas also.  They are piled high in their vehicle.  They have police protectors (scouts) going with them everywhere and will have UN escorts, waiting for them at the border tomorrow when they arrive at sun-up, who will escort them to Carrefour.  Terry just called as I’m writing and said he talked with someone at the hotel this morning, gave him his card, and he called now to say they want to help but had found no one to work with.    They may have a plane, supplies, whatever…  He will meet with him later today.  Watch for an update!


As for our people in Carrefour:  No help has arrived yet.  Remember, this was the epicenter!  No help has arrived yet!  There is such ruin.


Thanks for praying…City water is now coming into our property and it is clean!  We ozonate it before giving it to the people.  We believe more ozonating machines are on their way.


We will try to fix our Jeep that was damaged so we have another vehicle available.


A school near the gas station where we buy our gas collapsed.  A man opened a hole to free someone and saw a huge pile of bodies and died of a heart attack himself!


People have been thanking God that they are alive, but now reality is hitting them and they are dealing with the fact that they have no place to go, to eat, no place to sleep.  People are sitting outside their demolished houses, crying out in distress and pure exhaustion.


The streets of Port-au-Prince are becoming empty.  The only people on the ground seem to be gangs, thieves with knives, robbing the people, raping the women.  They are stopping cars, robbing them.  Continue to pray for safety, wisdom, and peace among the chaos. I’m so glad there are angels on assignment!  They are busy with Light Ministries!


Thanks for standing with us.



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