January 17, 2011 Haiti

Update January 17, 2011

I’m trying to catch my breath today after a full week of events during the First Anniversary of Haiti’s earthquake, beginning last weekend with Franklin Graham’s crusade in Port-au-Prince.  We loaded up all of our vehicles to transport the youth to hear Michael W. Smith, LaCrea and other well-known musicians, along with preaching by Franklin Graham, whom many got to know because of the Samitaritan’s Purse temporary houses that went up following the earthquake.

January 12 was the beginning of what we thought would be a 3-day crusade in Carrefour, giving Haitians a chance to reflect on what God has done in the past year and to give others an opportunity to make things right with Him.  The crusade was extended until Sunday night. 

Invasion (JP’s dance troupe) was well-received and performed three times!  Thanks for your prayers.  They did a great job and brought a special anointing to the event!

Our counselors prayed for over 100 who made first-time decisions for Christ.  (I’m sorry that Live Streaming didn’t work – this is Haiti; what works elsewhere doesn’t seem to work properly here!)

Sunday morning service at Church of Light was powerful.  Terry preached about the need for the men to rise up and lead in this country; He then anointed them with oil.  He asked that I also anoint the women who have been abused that they could rise up and be free!  We each prayed with about 500 people! In order to take the light to this nation and the nations of the world, our own people must be free to be what God designed them to be! 

More than 20 visitors gave their hearts to Jesus at the end of the service!  The church is packed every time we meet…God is very much alive and moving among us!

Last night at the crusade, thousands came forward to give up things in their lives that have not been pleasing to God.  It was a powerful time! 

Shortly after we arrived, we were called off the platform and told that Jean-Claude Duvalier (‘Baby Doc’) had just arrived at the airport.  After being ousted in 1986, this is Duvalier’s first return to Haiti.  Most of our youth didn’t know Baby Doc and the terror under which many lived during his dictatorship.  They have only heard how the country was much cleaner then… 

Today we hear rumors that former Presidents Aristide and Cedras may also come this week.  We don’t know why any of them is coming, but we are quite sure that if this is true, there will be a blood bath.  President Preval has said that if Duvalier comes back, he must be arrested because of all the murders and drug dealings he was involved in during his leadership; each leader since that era has been involved in the same things, including President Aristide, so the Haitian people are ready to revolt!  Pray!  Things could get ‘hot’ in the coming days…

We continue to trust the Holy Spirit to guide our steps throughout the continually-changing atmosphere here.


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