January 18, 2010 Haiti


Terry left Santo Domingo this morning with the team and crossed the border into Haiti without any problem.  Those big angels were there, checked the paperwork and waved them through without checking anything!  Thank you for praying.  They rented a 21-passenger bus and driver because the plane was going to cost them $500-1500 per person.  How terrible!  There was no aisle when they finished packing the supplies.  They were loaded!


As they drove, the countryside was beautiful, showing little damage.  Then they came near Port-au-Prince and the scenery changed.  They stopped at the airport where they met Olrich with our van ready to load medical supplies that had been flown in on Friday.  They were now on the way to Carrefour, where they saw many dead bodies along the road.


When the bus arrived in Carrefour, hundreds were following.  In minutes, it grew to thousands when they realized medical help was there.  What chaos!  There is not one street where someone doesn’t need help.  Everyone is begging!


The team immediately began to make plans where to set up a clinic.  Because they arrived late (due to the delay in New York) they now have only two days to treat people.  The church (an old theater) seems to be strong enough to set up a clinic. The people can wait downstairs in the entrance, then come up one set of stairs, be checked by a doctor, and return down the other set of stairs, hopefully keeping order.  When this team leaves, another one with 15 doctors and nurses will come.


The smell of death is everywhere.  People are walking around with rags on their noses or tea leaves in their nostrils because the stench is so bad.  Dead bodies are being picked up fast now because of impending disease.  Depression and despair cover those still living.


Last night we had 57 people in our yard:  neighbors and church members.  Many more were turned away because we simply don’t have room, along with the vehicles. Our ladies are busy cooking and serving them one meal of rice and beans a day.  The people are so grateful for that!


When the people saw Pastor Terry, they were amazed and hung onto him. They didn’t think he would come back so soon!   Everyone wants his time!  They have been having wonderful times of prayer together, but tonight Terry will be there to preach and encourage them in God’s Word.  It is so essential to build them up.  It’s not easy going through what they have just experienced and to face the fact that they have nothing to go back to.  It’s really beautiful to see how well they are getting along… a big family living under an open heaven!  When this ordeal is over, we will have a church where the people really KNOW each other!


On Wednesday, an engineer is coming to our house and church to determine how structurally sound they are.  Terry feels they are both safe, but we want to be sure.  Today, you prayed that Terry would have a place to lay his head tonight to sleep.  He told me that he is going to sleep in his own bed in our house tonight.  He tried to convince JP that it is safe, but JP is not so sure he is ready for that!  He called me and said, ‘Mom, can you please talk to Dad.  He thinks I can just go back in that place and SLEEP.  I’m not ready for that!  I guess it’s one more night outside for JP!  Pray for him.  I’m sure when this settles, he will need rest.  Everyone is so weary.


Terry and the team are exhausted, to say the least.  PRAY for them.  The next days are so crucial.  They need supernatural health, strength, wisdom and life for what they will face.


Thanks for your prayers and for the financial support that is coming in.  It’s beautiful to see how big of a family we really have!  We are so blessed to know you are there.



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