January 18, 2013 Haiti

Attached is our first newsletter of 2013.  Thanks for standing with us.  God is moving!


January 2013

Dear Family,

Happy New Year!  We thank God for a new year of promise and blessing that is coming our way!

Last year was one of struggle and turmoil as we pushed through to maintain what is established.  It seems as if everyone was hanging on for a breakthrough.

We prayed in 2012 that everything that was hidden would be exposed.  Throughout the year, we saw many hidden things come to the surface.  Judgmental spirits were exposed and those found judging were suddenly exposed for sin in their own lives.  Deceit, lies and corruption were exposed in those we would never believe had such evil hearts.   Religious spirits came to the surface and the ugliness of the flesh was on display for all to see.  Sexual promiscuity was exposed.  It seems everything ungodly in the lives of our people was exposed.   It was quite a year…  Many were set free from their past, but many are still under God’s microscope!

We thank God that we have the Holy Spirit living inside and keeping us on His narrow path.  Many times we are misjudged for decisions we make.  When judged, we first judge ourselves, then ask the Holy Spirit to judge us.  He often has us doing things that don’t make sense to our heads, but when we know we have heard from Him and obey Him, the results speak for themselves!

We believe 2013 will bring much breakthrough in every area of our lives.  We expect big changes in world governments.  Watch for a new reign of righteousness.  It’s time for the Kingdom of God to move forward and take its place.  “…and the government shall be upon HIS shoulder.”  The kingdoms of this world are crumbling.

Watch for world revival at a magnitude none has seen before.  Old methods are useless for this new move of the Spirit about to sweep the world with His demonstration and power.  Our people have been in preparation for several years for this day!

For us, this year will bring much expansion in Haiti, the beginnings of a visual new Haiti!  The plans are being put in place.  Everything here is so laborious…  Things are ‘backward’ so it takes so much time to get every little thing done.

We will soon finish paperwork and deeds for surrounding land on the mountain, then begin actual building of City of Light.  People using the land are being re-located.

Church of Light will be extended to the adjacent property.  Architectural plans are being worked on to finish the remodeling and expansion of the existing building that survived the earthquake.  Temporary housing is being dismantled to make room for expansion.

Twenty-six departments within the church are being developed so we can work together effectively from a solid foundation.  This, too, is a lengthy process.  Workers are plentiful, but the leaders who will be respected are few.

Out of the church, small businesses will be launched to meet the unique needs of our community.

We are preparing to start a music school for the people of the church.  There is much interest, but no opportunity in our area for such training.  We have a Maestro waiting until we have the facility and instruments to begin such a school.   If you have instruments you are not using, please consider sending them our way.  We will put them to use in the Kingdom!

This will be a year of extra travel for us.  We have ongoing invitations to many countries but have been unable to leave our post in Carrefour.  Many ministries, worldwide, are crying for the gifts God has given us.  We want to go, but we must have the extra staffing and finances to keep the work in Haiti going.

God told us many years ago that we would step foot on every continent.  As you know, we have traveled extensively in the past.  Europe,  Asia, Africa and other islands in the Caribbean are now calling.  We must obey the call.  This is the year to expand the work in Haiti and, at the same time, expand internationally.   This would be overwhelming, except we know we have heard from God.  When He guides, He provides!

We are so grateful to Pastors Rodolpho and Sherly Merentie who have stepped up to the pulpit in our absence and done a good job.  On November 30, they welcomed their first child, Melody, so they are experiencing parenting as well.  Continue to pray for them.  They are young in ministry and need to know you stand with them.

Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support.  Thank you for trusting us to be your hands and feet, your eyes and ears to accomplish God’s plan for Haiti.  Remember, we are only two people doing the work of 20.  It’s not always possible to care for the needs of the people here as well as those at home.  We are so grateful that you understand that we appreciate you, even when we are unable to say so.  That means so much to us.  Frankly, we don’t know of two other people in the world who have accomplished what we have in a country where everything is so difficult and still hold fast to the vision God gave us 30 years ago.

We pray you won’t let down your guard in praying for us.  We need health, life and strength.  We are not 30 years old anymore!  Sometimes, we get tired!  God’s Word says we must not get weary in well-doing, for in due season we will reap if we don’t faint.  When you don’t know how to pray, pray in the Spirit; then you are praying God’s perfect will for us and we won’t get side-tracked.

We love you and pray that 2013 will be your most prosperous one in every way!

From the frontlines,

Terry and Cary

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