January 19, 2010 Haiti


Terry and the medical team slept inside the house last night!  There have been no more tremors since they arrived.


Today they were all so grateful for electricity, internet hookup (when it works), showers, a place to lay their heads and fresh homemade bread!  Now they can function.  They weren’t expecting any of it. Our house has now become a hotel and the church a clinic! We are just so grateful that our buildings are not only standing, but functioning.  The engineering team arrived also and will study the buildings more carefully at daybreak.


We had armed police guarding our church at Light Auditorium, the makeshift clinic today.  Thousands of people hung around outside the building waiting to see a doctor.  The people are really in a lot of pain and need someone to care.  The medical team discovered about 90% of the patients needed surgical procedures (stitches, etc) so, of over 100 patients, 85 needed surgery.  Needless to say, the team was ready for a good night’s sleep and a plan for tomorrow.  Several doctors and nurses are sitting idle in tents waiting for patients and no one is coming to them, so we emailed them directions to Light Auditorium.  Hopefully, tomorrow our team will have reinforcement.  The plan now is to keep the medical teams coming.


Terry went to the airport today to pick up the engineers.  He found his way to where the UN supply unit is. (They have not been seen distributing anything).  He asked for assistance in getting medical supplies because our supply was dwindling fast.  The first woman was very rude and said he would have to apply first and email the form back to her.  He went back to the car, had the doctor who was with him fill out the form and walked back in.  The first woman had taken a break, so he walked right in to where they were sorting medical supplies and told him that no one had yet come to Carrefour and we had people everywhere who needed medical attention.  We were nearly out of supplies.  By the time he left, the van was filled with $150,000 worth of supplies free of charge!!!  God is good!  You know Terry; he finds favor everywhere he goes!


Stories continue to come in about how God miraculously rescued them.  I must share this one.  Do you remember I shared the testimony of Rodolpho, the young computer man who worked at the UN office.  Only he and one other woman survived and the remaining 100 people died when the building collapsed (See update Jan. 15).  Now, read what happened to his wife, Sherly.  She was in class on the top floor of her school.  She was sitting in the back row when the teacher called her to the chalkboard.  As she got up to walk to the front of the room, the back wall fell off.  In a moment, GOD TOOK SHERLY OUT AND SHE FOUND HERSELF STANDING IN THE SCHOOLYARD as the school collapsed. Sherly is fine.  I talked with her on the phone today.  She is one of our Worship leaders and all she can do is praise God!


We are putting together Emergency Management teams of our own since no one has been in our area.  One young man in the States serving in this capacity for his company, requested permission to take some time off from his job to help.  He was given time off, with pay, to come to Haiti to serve Light Ministries!   We are forming a team, initially 4-5 men to assist him and to set up two tents that were given to us in Chicago, now on their way to us!


Offers of all kinds continue to come in:  building, medical, contractors, planes, helicopters, pilots, cooks… There will be many more work teams to follow when there is a way to get there.  We are so blessed to have Pastor Joe Warner from Orlando coordinating all of these things.  If you have supplies or are equipped to help us, please call Joe at 407-353-7746.  Just be patient about going… We want to be sure things are done decently and in order.  The airport is still closed in Port-au-Prince.


If you are interested in sending a donation, using your credit card, Judy is in the office to take that information over the phone 407-876-5431.

Or make a donation online.  


We don’t even know how to say ‘Thank You’ for standing with us.  You truly are a blessing!  As requested, we are attaching a photo of us, December 2009.  It’s a reminder to pray!





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