January 20, 2011 Haiti

Update January 20, 2011

I was so blessed this morning with responses from yesterday’s update of Nikole’s visit to Haiti.   Here is my favorite from Pat, a woman who visited us right after the earthquake:

I have a big smile right now after reading this testimony, knowing so well how true it is. God’s Church in Carrefour is alive and tangibly glowing in His love. Thanks for sharing this and thank you again for your faithfulness to Father God’s call.

Praying for you (that truly, “all that was meant for evil against Haiti would be turned for good”).

The face of Haiti has been changing since 2005, when the FIRE of God came to Church of Light.  Our church of mostly youth is being used in a big way to change the course of this nation and the world.  People from many nations have been coming to Haiti to find out what we have!  We are so blessed to know the Holy Spirit and what He is saying and doing in these days.  It’s fun to share it with others…

Regina, a young woman from Austria, currently with us in Carrefour reports:

Six months ago I had 2 logical plans for this winter and one crazy dream I didn’t even dare to voice.

But then my awesome God loves what seems impossible to me and now I find myself in the beautiful country of Haiti!!

I came with the idea of helping and giving to the people but ended up on the receiving end.

I have rarely seen people with so much joy and vivaciousness and this in a country that has been through so much destruction.

Here I am learning from people who lost everything about what is really means to live your life entirely for Christ with a passion for Him that is unmistakable.

Just another life that will never be the same as a result of visiting Haiti!  There is no other place like this on earth and Terry and I, too, thank God for bringing us here to learn His ways!


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