January 21, 2010 Haiti

Update:  January 21, 2010

As promised, here are a few photos of Carrefour in the aftermath of the earthquake as well as the first clinic set up here.    Many of these Haitians were desperate to see a doctor long before this happened.  We have a physical therapist from our church giving massages for the many muscle pains.

This morning, we hooked up with Samaritan’s Purse, who will set up a Command Center in Gressier, between our two locations of Carrefour and Leogane.  We are blessed!  They are faithful to bring hope to those in need and have the ability to bring in supplies and equipment that we would otherwise not have.  We have a helicopter also from a mission in Switzerland that will land in Christianville, between the Samaritan’s Purse location and Leogane.  God has it all orchestrated!

Today, a group of Americans from St. Louis, MO drove all the way from St. Marc to visit the team and to encourage and pray for Terry.  He was so blessed that they did that!  We are so blessed to have help on the frontlines.  God is so good!

Today we found two trucks, badly needed to carry supplies from place to place:  a ¾ ton flatbed and a 4-door pickup – one gas, one diesel!  We are working on shipping them in the fastest way possible.  If you want to help pay for shipping, let Joe Warner know (407-353-7746).

We have the two 40×80 tents from Chicago on their way to Orlando to accompany the first team out of here on Monday…a Emergency Management team with 4-5 good strong men who can work!  They will erect the tents and fix what needs to be fixed.

People from our church are finding doctors and other medical teams looking for work, and bringing them to help.  Many large teams have arrived and because there is no plan in place, they are sitting, waiting to know where to go and wondering where are the patients.  It is so sad because everywhere you look there are people needing medical attention.   The first medical team left today, another arrives tomorrow.

We are so proud of our people.  They are really ‘pulling up’ to help the visitors as they arrive.  All the training we have done is really paying off as we see them at work!  We praise God for that!

Our sister church in Leogane has collapsed, the school for 2500, totally gone.  Pastor Milien’s  house is badly damaged.  He is working with a group from Canada, clearing the land.  There were more big aftershocks this morning in Leogane and felt at our house.  I don’t know when the earth is going to settle!  They just had another as I write!  It’s nerve-shattering and our people are weary.  PRAY!

Terry found a station with gas today and found such favor!  He requested that the owner give him fuel for the price it was before the earthquake.  He agreed and we filled the drums for about $5.00 USD/gallon!  Wow, that’s a great difference from $100.

I want to personally thank each of you for the way you are spreading our news.  It is overwhelming to us how many people care about Haiti and us!  Money is coming in from several countries!  Right now, it is being used primarily for food, fuel, medical equipment and supplies, vehicles and shipping.  Many of you are putting together pallets of medical supplies, food and clothing and many things we have not had time to think of yet.  We are SO gratefulWe know we could never repay you for your kindness, so we are asking God to! Along with the medical aid, we must begin to do something about housing.  The people are wandering around, not knowing where to go or what to do.  Where do you start?   It is so pathetic.

Continue to pray for us as we do our best to keep this operation going from both ends.  Pray for our people.  They can’t sleep.  There is much anxiety and pain.  This is a lot for them to go through when they already had so little.  One thing I know from being in Haiti nearly 28 years is this:  The Haitians are survivors! They will make it, but only with God’s help!

When we get established, we will begin to bring in work teams to do specific jobs.  Be patient!  We will move as fast as we can.  Right now, the country is in chaos.  The airport isn’t open yet.  Terry said we are the most organized operation going.  This is the first week and we plan to learn a lot and get better at everything as we have professional teams joining us.

Our people Stateside have been working hard on our website.  It is about to go up to bring you updates  www.lightministriesinc.org .

Thanks again for standing with us.  We couldn’t do it without you.


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