January 22, 2010 Haiti

Update January 22, 2010


Just a quick note to let you know what happened today:


We got 300 gallons of diesel fuel from the U.S. Military base FREE!  It gets better all the time!  With the running around with our vans and trucks, it goes fast and then we are using the generator almost non-stop.


Ten doctors came today on the bus, 7 more from Singapore.  Three stayed from the previous medical team; 7 went back home.  What a blessing these teams are.  It’s not easy to organize all the different aspects of getting a country and its people back on their feet!  Everyone is so tired.  There are still 2-3 aftershocks each day and it is so painful to see how worn out the people have become.  Pray for peaceful sleep.


Pop Singer, Sun, from Singapore (now living in Los Angeles), a beautiful Christian woman who has 5 Platinum albums, arrived yesterday and spent the night at our house.  This morning she and Terry did an interview for Radio Caribe.  She told the people that she wanted to do all she could for Haiti and was working with Pastor Terry Nelson and Church of Light in Carrefour.  It was a great interview.  She left later today.  God is bringing such wonderful people our way!  The world is coming to our aid!


Tonight was our regular Friday night prayer meeting.  The people took authority over fear.  Terry told them that this is the time to pass the test in perseverance.  This is the time to examine their hearts and repent of anything that is standing in the way of God having full control of their lives.  He said that with every aftershock, each crack, he hears ‘Repent’.  Literally, everything that can be shaken is being shaken, not only in the natural, but also in the hearts of men.  Pride must go.  Fear must go.  Bitterness must go.  Everything that can be shaken will be shaken!


The walls around our property are cracking more.  We are ‘collecting’ teams of concrete workers to rebuild the entire perimeter walls.  Pray that these walls don’t topple.  Pray for the safety of those sleeping in the yard (now 65) and those sleeping inside (25).  Every bed, every floor, every vehicle and even the ground is full of bodies trying to sleep!


With so many people, we are cleaning floors, sinks and toilets all day long!  Our ladies are the best!  We have cooks working all day inside and out to feed those now ‘living’ here.  Then there is the laundry and the dishwashing!  It’s a huge undertaking, but the teamwork is unbelievable! 


The airport is still closed so people have to come from the Dominican Republic. Pray the airport opens soon.  This is another big expense of time and money.


Thanks for standing with us.  We NEED you at this hour.  I’m claiming Isaiah 41:10 many times throughout the day when I start to get overwhelmed.  Thanks for all your encouraging emails.  



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