January 25, 2010 Haiti

Update January 25, 2010

We are getting ready to re-build Haiti…

Pastor Joe Warner was so excited this morning as he told me that, by this weekend, his goal is have more trucks ready to ship.  The vehicles we now need to transport people, food and supplies is amazing.  Trucks on their way to Light Ministries, Inc have grown to FOUR – a dump truck, a flatbed and 2 pickups!  Can you believe it?  We must find the best port and a way to ship them so they arrive in Haiti soon.  It’s the shipping cost that usually ‘kills’ us, so pray today we find the right source. 

Remember if you have vehicles, supplies or teams that you need to get to us, coordinate them with Joe Warner, Pastor of Freedom Fellowship Church in Orlando, FL. Phone #407-353-7746.   No one can do this like Pastor Joe!

Terry and Cinera did some necessary shopping today in Santo Domingo while waiting for Benjamin, our Emergency Management Man, to arrive.  JP slept most of the day!!!  I’m so grateful!  I know my son, and I know he will push until he drops.  I praise God he had an opportunity to get away with his Dad so he could catch up!  I wonder if he will be more willing to go back into the house to his own bed when he gets back!   This has been a very stressful time for those who endured the earthquake and continue to endure the aftershocks.  The body cannot rest well.

The Media Production team from Minneapolis was to arrive tonight also, but got stuck in a snowstorm in Newark, NJ and didn’t make it; now they will have to hook up with the next medical team (10-11 people) who will take a bus into Haiti.  It’s exhausting going back and forth and coordinating all these teams, but what a joy it is to have them to meet the medical needs of thousands of people in our city.  As soon as this team leaves, we will have three more medical teams and one building team  who will begin building the walls.  Pray the airport in Port-au-Prince opens soon!

Olrich thinks they saved a girl today who was trapped under the rubble!  She was brought to the clinic at our church (Church of Light).  They tried to evacuate her to the boat hospital, but she was too bad; she would have to go to General Hospital.  With three cars, the US Military escorted her to the hospital, where they were met by doctors, waiting at the front gate.  I don’t think this has ever happened in the history of Haiti!  We believe they saved her life.  I love when the American military is on the ground.  There is order and a sense of purpose that permeates throughout the land.  Pray for our soldiers there.  It’s not easy!

It’s so wonderful for me to see God’s hand at work in all that is going on in this often-forgotten country.  Oh, how He loves the Haitian people and is proving it through you!  Thanks for your encouragement; thanks for spreading the good report of what is happening in Light Ministries, and thanks for all your prayer and financial support!  We are in the greatest move of the Spirit of God this nation has ever known!  Thanks for being on our team…Terry and I NEED you.


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